IBPS PO Mains Guide for English: How to Score 25+ Marks in English Language Section

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection has scheduled the IBPS ​PO Mains exam for 4 February 2021 which means that the candidates are left with only a few days. Everyone appearing for it must realize that they are just a step away from this prestigious job. We all know IBPS PO is a white-collar job, where only a few will be scrutinized by the bank for final selection and posting. As the competition is increasing in leaps and bounds, students are preparing to perform well in the PO mains exam. We know each and every section in the Bank PO Mains exam is important and one can not clear the cut off if he is not good at any of them. Taking all the sections equally and refining them by practicing is the key to success.

Most of the students fear the English language which is obvious nowadays as IBPS has set the benchmark by raising the difficulty level with each examination passed. Even after revising and learning effectively, sometimes students could not clear the English section cut off, or could not secure the expected marks. First of all, we all need to understand, English is a language that requires daily efforts like quant and reasoning although it does not includes calculation like them, but yes it needs the practice to hold on to the rules followed in this section. This article is dedicated to the preparation strategy of the English Section for IBPS PO Mains. Before we dive into the strategy, let us have a look at the English section marking schemes and other details for IBPS PO Mains 2020-21.

S.No. Name of Tests(Objective) No. of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
1 English Language 35 40 40 minutes


Reading Comprehension:
This is the most important topic for the PO Mains exam. There can be 2 RC in the exam. The topics of RC can be based on banking, finance, and the economy. Reading Comprehension is generally easy when compared to other topics and questions asked in the English Language Section. If you are very good at this topic, you can attempt it in the starting as the passage can be lengthy.

Spotting Errors/Sentence Errors/Improvements:

This part is related to grammar rules. But if all the rules stay well in your mind and you have practiced it well then this part should be attempted first. Questions based on error detection need special attention because the very minute errors may go unnoticed and the candidate may mark it as No error. So never mark your answers on random guessing. Be very careful.

Para Jumbles:

If you are not so good at this part, still you can manage to do the questions. All you need to find the connection between the two parts and mark the correct answer keeping in mind the word limit for it. As the option may sometimes confuse you with the order of the sentences.


This part is not time taking. You can attempt it at the starting of the English section as well. One needs to choose the correct option in the blank in the best possible way.

Cloze test:
This is also a very important topic for English Section. This is also a scoring topic if you prepare it well. First, read the paragraph so that you can have an idea about the idea behind the topic.

Starters are mainly asked in the Bank PO exam. They are not very difficult to tackle if you have practiced fine for it. These questions might consume more time and therefore it is suggested to attempt them once the candidate is done with other questions in the Mains examination.

It is a part of the mains examination, inference questions might sometimes be confusing. You might be given an inference where you will need to find it through several paragraphs following the inferences or you might be given a paragraph and several choices of inference that could possibly justify the information asked in the paragraph.

Coherent Paragraph:
Under these questions, the candidate will be given several statements that form a coherent paragraph. Along with it, there will be a statement that will not fit in with other statements to form a logical sequence.

Phrasal Verb: You can expect questions from this topic even in the form of a cloze test. There may not be many questions on this topic but the knowledge of this topic is important from the IBPS PO Mains exam point of view.

How to prepare English for IBPS PO Mains?

  • If you are well versed with the rules and concepts of the English section. The practice is the only key to success.
  • Make notes of different important topics that you may require at the last moment of your exam preparation and revise them thoroughly.
  • Make a habit of reading magazines and newspapers on daily basis to improve your reading skills.
  • Make a plan on the sheet and stick to it from the day you start your preparation.
  • Do not waste much of your time on the topics you are really good at. Look for the important topics to be covered for English in IBPS PO Mains.
  • Take the Best mock test for IBPS PO Mains to analyze your performance. This will help you analyze your performance so that you can work on your weak points to improve on them.
  • Practice from section-wise test also to keep a check on your practice for this section. So that you can focus on a particular topic as well.
  • Improve your Reading and vocabulary. This is the major factor to Ace in the IBPS PO Mains English language.



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