How To Solve Coding-Decoding In Banking exams

Read this article to learn the tips and tricks related to coding-decoding.

Since last year, there are some changes amended in the pattern of coding and decoding questions in the bank exams. The reasoning section is the easiest section of any bank exam and coding-decoding is one important topic of this section. If you solve these coding-decoding questions correctly, your chances of securing good marks increases.  Here are some tricks and strategies to solve coding and decoding questions based on the new pattern. 

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What is Coding and Decoding?

Coding is a way of transferring a message from one person to another with the objective that third person did not understand the message. When the message reaches to the second person, he decodes the received message. The message can be decoded either by using the hint that is present either within the question or within the options provided. 

The most common types of Coding-Decoding questions asked in banking and other competitive examinations are Letter Coding, Substitution, Mixed Letter Coding, and New Pattern of Coding. 

Let’s discuss the types of coding one by one and discuss the strategy to solve such types of questions:

  1. Letter Coding: The given alphabets of a word are replaced by another alphabet with a specific pattern. Lets us understand it better with an example;

Suppose in a question a certain code MYSTIFY is coded as NZTUJGZ, how would NEMESIS will be coded?

Solution: The pattern followed for MYSTIFY to NZTUJGZ is the alphabets are moved one step forward M-N, Y-Z, S-T, T-U, I-J, F-G, Y-Z, following the same pattern, solving NEMESIS will be N-O, E-F, M-N, E-F, S-T, I-J, S-T, and the answer is OFNFTJT. 

  1. Substitution Coding: In these coding-decoding questions, any object or their names are substituted with different words or objects. You have to attempt these questions carefully as these are quiet confusing ones. 

Eg: Red is called blue, blue is called pink, pink is called purple, and purple is called white. Then what is the color of the sky?

Solution: The color of the sky is blue and from the starting blue is called pink, therefore the answer is “Pink”

  1. Mixed Letter Coding: These questions are quite a time consuming and sometimes candidates got confused so much that they drop these questions. In any question, you have to find the coding letter used for the word asked. 

There is a tree – toe un na tim

Trees give oxygen – tim paste us 

Oxygen is important- un paste knock

Now you have to find which word stands for “important”. 

Solution: Solve the question step by step: 

  1. i) Try to find the common code between the options like in the first and third sentences, the common code- un and common word- is  
  2. ii) In the same way, the common code between the second and the third option is paste and the common word is oxygen.  

Now the remaining word is “Important” and the remaining code is “Knock”, so Knock is the answer.  

  1. New pattern Coding: This pattern is newly added into the coding-decoding question series in the competitive examination. Learn to solve questions of this type with the help of an example.

Eg: Any message will be decoded in the same pattern for these types of questions. Suppose you have to code “Banking Exam”, then the answer would be 7&A 4@E. The code started from & as the words in banking are 7 and the symbol is based on the table provided below. The code will end with the first vowel in the word. Try solving different words and learn the below-provided table to solve the questions in lesser time. 

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Symbols for solving these types of questions are described below. You have to learn these symbols

Numbers of letter  Symbols
2 ^
3 %
4 @
5 #
6 $
7 &
8 *
9 =

Try to solve as many questions you can solve in such patterns and using these tricks as the more you solve the quickly you crack the answer. If any query, drop it in the comment sections we would love to figure it out.   

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