IBPS PO Mains Quantitative Aptitude Quiz: 26th October 2019

IBPS PO Mains Quantitative Quiz

Quantitative Aptitude can enhance your performance as a whole. All you need to do is clear your basics first and practice more and more. Quantitative Aptitude is a subject that helps you to boost your score and confidence. Every year IBPS comes with changes in the pattern of questions on Quantitative Aptitude which makes it difficult for students to decode in the examination hall. Giving mocks and Quizzes on a regular basis will help you to crack every change in the pattern. Adda 247 gives daily quizzes for practice as the IBPS PO Mains is scheduled for 30 November. Here is the IBPS PO mains Quantitative Aptitude Quiz of 26th October 2019.

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Direction (1-5): Study the passage and answer the following question.
Management team of Adda247 has 12 employees – 4 in each of Marketing, Finance and HR team. Oldest employee is 62 years old and is employee of HR team, while youngest employee is 28 years old and he/she is employee of marketing team. Average age of whole marketing team is same as the individual age of two of its employees, two employees from HR team and one employee from Finance team. Average age of Finance team is 12.5% more than that of HR team. One employee of HR team is 8 years older than other two. Two employees of finance team have same age as the average of youngest and eldest employee of Adda247. Average age of Finance team is 50% more than that of Marketing team. All units are given in years unless mentioned.

Q1. What is the average age of 3 eldest employees in Management team?
(a) 48 ⅔
(b) 47 ⅓
(c) 50 ⅓
(d) 51 ⅓
(e) None of these

Q2. If youngest employee of HR team replaces eldest employee of Finance team, what will be the new average age of Finance team?
(a) 37.5
(b) 40.5
(c) 32.5
(d) 40
(e) None of these

Q3. If a new employee of age 60 years joins Marketing team, what will be the new average of Marketing team?
(a) 30
(b) 32
(c) 34
(d) 36
(e) 38

Q4. What is difference between overall average age of Management team and average age of Finance team?
(a) 1 ⅔
(b) 7 ⅓
(c) 7 ⅔
(d) 6 ⅔
(e) None of these

Q5. Two employees with their age ratio 9 : 7 joins the HR team, and average age of HR team remains same, what is difference between age of eldest and second eldest employee of Management team?
(a) 27
(b) 02
(c) 05
(d) 17
(e) None of these

Direction (6 – 9): Find the wrong number in given series.

Q6. 32, 75, 144, 245, 384, 569, 800
(a) 144
(b) 569
(c) 245
(d) 75
(e) 32

Q7. 11,    15,    – 12,     4,    -123,    -85,    -428
(a) -123
(b) 11
(c) – 12
(d) 4
(e) 15

Q8. 2224, 2140, 2036, 1910, 1760, 1586, 1380
(a) 2224
(b) 1586
(c) 2036
(d) 1760
(e) 2140

Q9. 1243, 1267, 1351, 1366, 1474, 1584, 1826
(a) 1243
(b) 1351
(c) 1243
(d) 1584
(e) 1474

Q10. In the following series two series are given, while second series has blanks, P & Q. If the both series follow same logic, then find the value come in the place of two given blanks P, & Q of second series.
18, 32, 90, 352, 1750 , 10488
P,   ____,   30,   ____,    ____, Q,
(a) 12 & 3228
(b) 16 & 3128
(c) 18 & 3248
(d) 24 & 3296
(e) 8 & 3288

Q11. There are 40 questions in a multiple choice test with 4 options, out of which only on option is correct. In how many ways can one answer all the questions such that alternate answers are wrong?
(a) 341
(b) 340
(c) 4 ×320
(d) 2×320
(e) 320

Q12. Prabhat tossed a biased coin in which tail appears on 75% of the occasions. In a game involving this coin, Prabhat is paid Rs 40 per tail and he has to pay Rs 48 for a head in the long run per game. Then, find the average amount made by Prabhat if he lost on 20 occasions?
(a) Rs 15
(b) Profit of Rs 18
(c) loss of Rs 20
(d) profit of Rs 20
(e) profit of Rs 16

Q13. The sides of triangle PQR are ‘p’ cm, ‘q’ cm and ‘r’ cm and the sides of triangle ABC are ‘a’ cm, ‘b’ cm and ‘c’ cm. If p² + q² + r² = 100, a² + b² + c² = 100 and pa + qb + rc = 100 then the triangles PQR and ABC will be
(a) of equal perimeter
(b) of equal area
(c) similar
(d) congruent
(e) all of the above

Q14. The average of four distinct prime number p, q, r and s is 54. Where p < q < r < s. p and s are equidistant from 55 whereas q and r are equidistant from 53. p and q are equidistant from 45 whereas r and s are equidistant from 63. Find difference between p and s.
(a) 20
(b) 24
(c) Can’t be determined
(d) 25
(e) 27

Q15. Two mixtures equal in quantity contain wine, water and alcohol in the ratio of 6 : 5 : 3 and 3 : 5 : 6 respectively. From the first mixture, 20% of wine, 25% of water and 40% of alcohol is taken out and from the second mixtures same percentage of three constituents is taken out. Now the remaining mixtures are added together. Find the respective ratio of wine, water and alcohol in the new mixture?
(a) 36 : 18 : 24
(b) 25 : 18 : 36
(c) 18 : 24 : 25
(d) 24 : 25 : 18
(e) None of these


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