IBPS RRB Main Computer Quiz on Memory & Operating System: 26th August

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IBPS RRB PO/Clerk Computer Quiz

Computer Knowledge section can help you to improve your overall score if in case other sections are tougher than the expectation. We are providing you with a question set based on the types and patterns of questions asked in the Computer Knowledge section in previous years.
We already rolled the study plan for IBPS RRB MAINS 2019Computer Quiz of 26th August 2019 covers the topic, Memory and Operating System.

Q1.Which type of system has its own programming and does not receive input?

(a)Embedded computer
(d)Both (b) and (c)
(e)None of these
S1. Ans.(a)
An embedded system is some combination of computer hardware and software, either fixed in capability or programmable, that is designed for a specific function or for specific functions within a larger system
Q2.Which of the following is/are file extension(s) in DOS?  

(a) EXE
(b) BAT
(c) COM
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

S2. Ans. (d) 

 All of these re-file extension(s) in DOS.
Q3. Multi-user systems provide cost savings for small businesses as they use a single processing unit to link several ______.  
(a) Personal computers
(b) Workstations
(c) Dumb terminals
(d) Mainframe
(e) Laptop
S3. Ans. (c)
A dumb terminal is a computer terminal that consists mostly of just a display monitor and a keyboard (and perhaps a mouse as well). It has no internal CPU (central processing unit), and thus has little or no processing power.
Q4.Which among the following options is the application that combines text, sound, graphics, motion video, and/ or animation? 
(a) Multimedia
(b) Minimedias
(c) Video scopes
(d) Motionware
(e) Macromedia
S4. Ans (a)
Multimedia is content that uses a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, images, animation, video, and interactive content.
Q5. Which among the following is the reboot where the power to the system is physically turned off and back on again, causing an initial boot of the machine?
(a) Toggle
(b) Cold booting
(c) Warm booting
(d) Logging off
(e) None of these

S5.Ans. (b)

Sol. Reboots can be either cold (alternatively known as hard) where the power to the system is physically turned off and back on again, causing an initial boot of the machine, or warm (alternatively known as soft) where the system restarts without the need to interrupt the power.
Q6.Which among the following carries signals that control the actions of the computer?  
(a) Control Bus
(b) Data Bus
(c) Memory Unit
(d) NIC
(e) Address Bus
S6. Ans. (a)
Sol. Communication between the CPU and control bus is necessary for running a proficient and functional system. Without the control bus, the CPU cannot determine whether the system is receiving or sending data. It is the control bus that regulates which direction the write and read information need to go.
Q7.Which among the following is an important circuitry in a computer system that does the arithmetic and logical processing?
(a) Memory
(b) ALU
(c) Flag Register
(d) CU
(e) Calculator

S7. Ans. (b)

ALU does the arithmetic and logical operations in a computer system.
Q8.The two ways to arrange multiple windows on the desktop are:
(a) cascade and tile
(b) drag and drop
(c) point and click
(d) minimize and maximize
(e) copy and paste

S8. Ans. (a)

cascade and tile are two ways to arrange multiple windows on the desktop.
Q9.To delete the selected item permanently, press __________.
(a) Alt + Delete
(b) Shift + D
(c) Shift + Delete
(d) Alt + D
(e) None of these
S9. Ans. (c)
Sol. Shift + Delete will delete the selected item permanently
Q10.Which of the following is a requisite to ‘boot’, the system?
(a) Complier
(b) Mouse
(c) Operating system
(d) Assembler
(e) MS Office
S10. Ans. (c) 
Sol. An operating system is required to boot a system.

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