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Important Topics For JAIIB Paper-II

Important Topics For JAIIB AFB Paper: As there are a vast number of topics for JAIIB AFB Exam 2022 candidates get confused between the most important topics and the topics which are to be less focused on.  JAIIB Paper-II exam i.e Accounting and Finance for Bankers is scheduled to be held on 12th June, 2022. Aspirants must be preparing very hard to get the exam clear and to get promotional opportunities. It is very important to know what you have to practice and learn to get through this prestigious exam. Candidates have only a few days left and now they need to cover only the important topics which will surely help them to score better in the Upcoming JAIIB exam. In this article we will discuss about the most important topics of Accounting and Finance for Bankers.

Most Important Topics For JAIIB Paper- II, Accounting & Finance

The most important topics that a candidate has to cover to score maximum in the Accounting and Finance for Bankers(AFB) Paper of JAIIB Exam 2022 are:

  • Ratio Analysis: In JAIIB Exam 2022 5-6 Questions can be expected from this topic. Candidates should make sure that they cover all the important concepts of Ratio Analysis such as the Classification of Ratios; Meaning, Uses and Limitations of Accounting Ratios; Calculation and Interpretation of Various Ratios; Different Users and their use of Ratios.
  • Schedules of Banking Balance Sheet: There can be around 3-4 questions from this topic. If a candidate is aware of Balance Sheet Equation and computation of Balance Sheet Equation then they can easily score the maximum in this topic.
  • Depreciation and its types: Depreciation can be defined as a continuing, permanent and gradual decrease in value of an asset because of the wear and tear, decay, etc. For JAIIB Exam 2022 candidates must remember the core concept of Depreciation; Types and Methods of Depreciation; Methods of calculation of Depreciation and comparison of the Depreciation Methods.
  • Trial Balance: Trial Balance is an easy topic and aspirants can solve its questions easily. Concepts of a Trial Balance; Features and Purpose of a Trial Balance; Types of Trial Balance and Preparation of a Trial Balance; Disagreement of a Trial Balance are covered under this section.
  • Capital and Revenue Expenditure and Capital and Revenue Receipt : Capital and Revenue Expenditure is a Scoring topic so one should not miss it. An Aspirant should have a firm grip on the concept of Expenditure; Difference between Capital and Revenue Expenditure; Deferred Revenue Expenditure; Receipts and General Illustrations.
  • Banking Reconciliation Statement: Theory based questions from this topic can be of 4 marks and 3 marks numerical based questions can be expected. Need for Bank Reconciliation; Possible Causes of Differences; Preparation of a Bank Reconciliation Statement; How to prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement when Extracts of Cash Book and Pass Book are provided; Adjusting the Cash Book Balance and the Advantages of Bank Reconciliation Statement( BRS) are the main topics to be focused in this section for JAIIB Exam 2022.
  • Numerical Problems can be expected on the calculation of Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Calculation of Equated Monthly Installments, Fixed and Floating Interest Rates, Calculation of Annuities, Interest Calculation using Products or Balances.

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FAQs: Important Topics for JAIIB AFB Paper

Q.1 What are the most important topics to be covered for JAIIB AFB Exam 2022?

Ans. The most important topics to be covered for JAIIB AFB Exam 2022 are given above.

Q.2 When is JAIIB AFB Exam 2022 for the May-June Session?

Ans. JAIIB AFB Exam 2022 for the May- June Session is on 12th June, 2022.

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