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JAIIB Exam Study Material 2024, Best Material for JAIIB Preparation

JAIIB Exam Study Material 2024

As the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance conducts the JAIIB Exam in May and October, it is the time for candidates to give final touch to their preparation. IIBF has made changes in the IIBF Syllabus, and new subjects are added; therefore, aspirants require ample time and the right guidance for their preparation. In the given article, we have discussed the JAIIB Exam Study Material 2024 which ware the best source of preparation for banking and financial sector employees.

JAIIB Exam Study Material 2024 As Per The New Syllabus

JAIIB Exam is organized by the Indian Institute Of Banking and Finance and is considered to be tough. Here our team will make you aware of all the necessary materials needed to prepare for JAIIB. It is efficient for a student to prepare for the exam syllabus-wise. Along with the materials, we are providing a wide range of quizzes, live classes, and video course to make you highly competitive. Instead of getting fluctuated over several materials rely on our streamlined guidance. Here we will make you aware of the papers in JAIIB and how many modules you have to complete within it.

JAIIB Study Material: Paper 1, Indian Economy and Indian Financial System

The Paper-1 of JAIIB is Indian Economy and Indian Financial System which has been further segmented into four modules. So, candidates must prepare with these modules in a unit-wise format. Our expert guidance and study materials will make you grasp the core concepts of the paper 1 in a precise way. Further the modules has been divided by Module A-Indian Economic and Architecture, Module B-Economic Concepts Related to Banking, Module C-Indian Financial Architecture and Module D-Financial Products and Services.

JAIIB IE & IFS Practice Questions Download PDF

Regular practice is the cornerstone of any successful exam preparation. Daily practice questions serve as a catalyst in the learning process, offering candidates an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge, reinforce concepts, and improve problem-solving skills. Candidates need to download the JAIIB IE & IFS Questions from the below given link as it will be a much beneficial tool for the preparation phase.

JAIIB IE & IFS Practice Questions Download PDF
JAIIB IE & IFS Practice Set Download PDF
JAIIB IE & IFS Practice Set 1 Download PDF
JAIIB IE & IFS Practice Set 2 Download PDF 
JAIIB IE & IFS Practice Set 3 Download PDF
JAIIB IE & IFS Practice Set 4 Download PDF

JAIIB IE & IFS- Committees and Capitals

Understanding the various committees and their roles within the banking and financial sector is essential for aspiring candidates to excel in the JAIIB IE & IFS exam. These committees play a significant role in shaping policies, regulating financial systems, and influencing economic growth. The Free PDF of Committees and Capitals by Adda247 is an invaluable resource for JAIIB IE & IFS exam aspirants. Candidates can access the Free PDF from the direct link provided below.

Committees and Capital – IE & IFS Download PDF

JAIIB Study Material: Paper 2, Principles and Practices of Banking

The Paper 2 of JAIIB consist of 4 modules and a variety of concepts has been infused into it. Our detailed materials will make you understand the variations of these modules in a clear manner. Moreover, our materials has been yielded by highly experienced professionals by studying the mental attributes of the students. The unit-wise preparation will enlighten you about the subjects in a better way. The modules has been segmented as Module A- General Banking operations, Module B-Functions of Banks, Module C-Banking Technology, Module D-Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions.

JAIIB Study Material: Paper 3, Accounting and Financial Management For Bankers

Paper 3 of JAIIB is also comprised of 4 modules that a student should have thorough knowledge about. Our JAIIB Study Material will involve all the detailing for the aspiring candidates and will make the strategies efficient. If you will follow our guidelines we can assure you of successful future in JAIIB. Go through the modules which as been divided as Module A- Accounting Principles and Process, Module B- Financial Statement and Core banking Systems, Module C- Financial Management, Module D-Taxation and Fundamentals of Costing.

JAIIB Study Material: Paper 4, Retail Banking and Wealth Management

When it comes to our JAIIB Study Material we are highly comprehensive. Our Paper 4 materials consist of all the core concepts that will give a deep understanding to the aspiring candidates. Our materials has been tailored with abundant research and expertness. The modules such as Retails banking, Marketing of banking services, Retail product and recovery, Wealth management has been clearly mentioned.

JAIIB Exam Study Material 2024: Quizzes

Aspirants who are preparing for JAIIB can find the quizzes on a daily basis which are prepared by our expert team members and those who have topped the exam, under expert guidance. The quizzes are available on our Adda247 app JAIIB/CAIIB Category.

JAIIB Study Material 2024: Weekly Quiz Download PDF

Adda247’s weekly quiz compilation is an invaluable asset for JAIIB aspirants, providing a streamlined and systematic approach for practice and self-assessment. By incorporating these compilations into the study regimen, aspirants can bolster their confidence and increase their odds of success in the JAIIB exams. Perfection can only be achieved through practice for which JAIIB Weekly Quiz PDF is the best source. Here, we have provided the direct link to download the JAIIB Weekly Quiz PDFs.

JAIIB Weekly Quiz Download PDF
JAIIB Weekly Quiz Set  Download PDF
JAIIB Weekly Quiz Set 1 Download Now
JAIIB Weekly Quiz Set 2 Download Now
JAIIB Weekly Quiz Set 3 Download Now
JAIIB Weekly Quiz Set 4 Download Now
JAIIB Weekly Quiz Set 5 Download Now

JAIIB Exam Study Material 2024: Video Course

Video courses help candidates manage their study hours as per their convenience. Video course includes every detail to cover all the aspects of the JAIIB with video classes, E-books and Mocks which will make aspirants ready for the JAIIB 2024 Examination. Whenever a candidate require to learn the concepts then they can play videos. Through the video course, there will be complete coverage of all the four papers of JAIIB.


JAIIB Exam Study Material 2024: Live Batch

As you are a working aspirant then for you the best source of preparation for sure shot selection is through live batches. Prepare for JAIIB with the online live classes and get real coaching like experience at your fingertips. Raise your query and get it resolved by our best faculty members. You will also get recorded lectures and PDF equipped with number of questions for self practice.

JAIIB Exam Study Material 2024: Test Series

The preparation is incomplete without analyzing the performance. Taking online mock test is the best way to make improvements. Mock test help you manage your speed, maintaining accuracy and time for each paper of JAIIB. It is also helpful in drawing the weak points where you are lagging behind besides providing all India rank.


Apart from this, students can prepare from our YouTube OfficersAdda247 channel, where there are  number of free videos to help you with your preparation. Learn the basics of all the compulsory papers of JAIIB and enhance your preparation through the videos.

JAIIB Study Material

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Where can I get JAIIB Study Material?

JAIIB Study Material for best JAIIB Preparation are mentioned above in the post.

What are the JAIIB Exam Study Material?

JAIIB Exam Study Material 2023 include Video Courses, Live Batches, Quiz, Free PDFs, Test Series, etc.

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