Less Vacancy, High Competition: Impacts Of IBPS Clerk Less Vacancies

IBPS Clerk 2020: With the release of 1557 vacancies for IBPS Clerical Cadre, lakhs of candidates are disappointed and stressed. Every year, whether in IBPS or SBI recruitment, the number of vacancies for Clerk post is high giving hopes to thousands of candidates to excel in the exam. However, this year as the vacancies drop down by 87%, the candidates are anxious and described it as a foul play by IBPS. Last year the vacancies released by IBPS for Clerical post were 12075. The last five-year IBPS Clerk vacancies show up the decline in the number of vacancies with the least one in 2020 and the maximum was in 2016. The reason for this huge decreasing vacancy may be the merger of banks or fewer retirements or less need for manual power. The reason could be any but with this minimum number of vacancies, the competition has become toughest so far.  

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IBPS Clerk Vacancies in last 5 years

Below is the comparative data for the number of vacancies released by IBPS for Clerical post in PSU.

Year Number of vacancies
2020 1,557
2019 12,075
2018 7,275
2017 7,883
2016 19,243

Do fewer vacancies result in higher competition?

Yes, but obviously, for 1557 vacancies that too state-wise and lakhs of candidates will appear for the same post which will eventually be a situation for higher competition. Nowadays in any banking sector exam be it for an officer level or clerical level, the level of questions is almost equivalent. All that matters is the state-wise vacancy be it SBI or IBPS; which is the major factor for increasing the competition level of the exam. For the IBPS Clerk exam, the candidate can apply from one state only, additionally, knowing of the local language(both orally and in written) of that particular state. Therefore, even if the total vacancies released for the clerical position on all India basis is 10000+, you still need to fight for a few vacancies for which thousands of candidates are preparing for. Like this year, the number of vacancies is less that means state-wise vacancies will also be less which eventually increases the difficulty level of the exam in terms of cut-off. 

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Unemployment- a factor for increased competition for IBPS Clerk

Another reason for increased competition for Clerical post is the number of candidates applying for the exam every year, and most of them are applying because of their unemployment. As banking jobs are attractive and most secure jobs which is the main reason, the candidates move to the government sector and in terms of syllabus, Clerk is one of the easy exams among others. The candidates with even higher degrees try to crack this exam just for the sake of job security, which by itself increases the competition. Earlier the number of vacancies and the number of candidates ratio was less however now its between hundreds and lakhs.  

In the search of job security, the employees of the private sector to run towards the Clerical post of PSU. Clear-cut is the fact; the number of vacancies is reducing and the number of candidates is increasing and so is the competition increasing year by year. 

What is the impact of less vacancies?

With the least number of vacancies for IBPS Clerk in 2020, the rate of unemployment will decline to the lowest as the candidates 

It has increased pressure on the candidates who were waiting for these notifications for long. With the less state-wise vacancies and the number of candidates is more which eventually makes a candidate hopeless about his preparation. The candidates have flooded the internet with their requests for increasing the vacancies as many of them were only preparing for the banking sector jobs.  

IBPS Clerk Selection Process 2020: Check Selection Procedure For IBPS Clerk 2020

Is the Clerk Exam difficult than PO?

After the change in the exam pattern of IBPS Clerk since 2016, the competition is intense, however, IBPS PO is for Officer level so that would be always at a higher level than clerk exam. As IBPS PO vacancies are all over India, while the Clerk vacancies are state-wise which eventually increases the competition level of Clerical exam. In Officer level exam, a student is eligible for a vacancy which can be from a different state than from where he belongs whereas for Clerk exam he can apply for one state only. So even if the difficulty level of the exam is on the higher side in IBPS PO exam, the cutoff is slightly lower in officer level exam.

Another difference is that in officer level exam is interview round; interview plays a crucial part in your final selection for PO posts while there is no interview stage in Clerical level exam and selection is based on Mains marks.

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