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Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam: In the quantitative aptitude, among the various important topics percentage is one of them which is asked in the prelims as well as mains examination of the banking as well as other competitive exams like ESIC, SSC CGL, and CHSL, Railways etc. The percentage is one of the core topics which builds the base to learn other topics of quantitative aptitude. The concept of percentage helps in solving complex problems easily therefore candidates must learn all the basic concepts of percentage. The shortcuts of percentage are very useful in solving the data interpretation which has a very major weightage of marks in the competitive exam. Now when any candidate starts preparing for the competitive exam they look for the percentage questions for competitive exam so that they can apply the concepts which they have learned.

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam: Fraction values

Percentage is denoted by the symbol %. Percentage means per every 100 i.e. if we say 25% then it can be written as 25/100 and when you will simplify it then it becomes 1/4. In order to solve the percentage questions for competitive exam in less time candidates should learn some important fraction values of percentage. Any fraction can be converted into percentage by multiplying to 100. In the table given below candidates can check the fraction value of percentage.

Percentage Fraction Form
100% 1
50% 1/2
33+1/3% or 33.33 1/3
25% 1/4
16+2/3% or 16.66% 1/6
14+2/7% or 14.28% 1/7
12.5% 1/8
100/9% or 11.11% 1/9
10% 1/10
100/11 or 9.09% 1/11
81/3 % 1/12

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam: Formulas

Before solving percentage questions for competitive exam candidates first checkout the percentage formulas given below

Change in quantity: There are two types of changes occur when any number is increased or decreased from its original value and they are actual change as well as percentage change.

Actual Change- Rahul bought 1kg mangoes for rupees 150 in the month of April and next month the price gets increased and now it becomes 200. So here the price of the mangoes gets increased from 150 to 200 so the actual change would be

Actual change: 200-150= 50

Percentage change: Now lets suppose if we have to calculate the price change in percentage then it would be calculated by the given below formula

Actual change/original value*100

50/200*100= 25%

To calculate x% of y – (x/100) * y = (x*y)/100

x% of y = y% of x

Increase A by x%= A(1 + x/100)

Decrease A by x% = A(1 – x/100)

If Y is x% more /less than Z, then Z is 100x/(100 + x) % less/more than Y

Successive Percentage Change – If there are successive percentage increases of x % and y%, the effective percentage increase is: {(x + y + (xy/100)}%

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam

The major concern which remains in the candidate’s mind is whether the percentage questions are different for every competitive exam. Well the topic is common but candidates need to be exam oriented as the level of question varies exam wise. Some of the percentage questions for competitive exam is given below and for more questions candidates can give free quizzes which are available on adda247 app.

Q1. Nandita scored 80% marks in five subjects together Hindi, Science, Mathematics, English and Sanskrit, where the maximum marks of each subject were 105. How many marks did Nandita scored in Science, if she scored 89 marks in hindi 92 marks in Sanskrit, 98 marks in Mathematics and 81 marks in English?

(a) 60

(b) 75

(c) 65

(d) 70

(e) 80

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam_50.1

Q2. A number is divided into two parts in such a way that 80% of 1st part is 3 more than 60% of 2nd part and 80% of 2nd part is 6 more than 90% of the 1st part. Then the number is:

(a) 125

(b) 130

(c) 135

(d) 145

(e) 155

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam_60.1

Q3. The expenses on rice, fish and oil of a family are in the ratio 12 : 17 : 3 respectively. The price of these articles is increased by 20%, 30% and 50% respectively. The total expenses increased by:

(a) 113/8 %

(b) 57/8 %

(c) 449/8 %

(d) 225/8 %

(e) None of these

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam_70.1

Q4. The cost of a piece of diamond varies with the square of its weight. A diamond of Rs. 5184 value is cut into 3 pieces whose weights are in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3. Find the loss involved in the cutting.

(a) Rs. 3068

(b) Rs. 3088

(c) Rs. 3175

(d) Rs. 3168

(e) None of these


Q5.  The total strength of capital Education is 5000. The number of males and females increases by 8% and 16% respectively and strength becomes 5600. What was the number of males at Capital Education?

(a) 2500

(b) 2000

(c)  3000

(d) 4000

(e) 4500

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam_80.1

Q6. The rates of simple interest in two banks A and B are in the ratio 5 : 4. A person wants to deposit his total savings in these two banks in such a way that he receives equal half yearly interest from both. He should deposit the savings in banks A and B in the ratio:

(a) 2 : 5

(b) 4 : 5

(c) 5 : 2

(d) 5 : 4

(e) 3 : 5

Q7. One year ago the ratio between Laxman’s and Gopal’s salary was 3 : 4. The ratios of their individual salaries between last year’s and this year’s salaries are 4 : 5 and 2 : 3 respectively. At present the total of their salary is Rs. 4160. The salary of Laxman, now is:

(a) Rs. 1040

(b) Rs. 1600

(c) Rs. 2560

(d) Rs. 3120

(e) Rs. 4210

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam_90.1

Q8. In a village, each of the 60% of families has a cow; each of the 30% of families has a buffalo and each of the 15% of families has both a cow and a buffalo. In all there are 96 families in the village. How many families do not have a cow or a buffalo?

(a) 20

(b) 24

(c) 26

(d) 17

(e) 28

Q9. A businessman imported Laptop, worth Rs. 210000, Mobile phones worth Rs. 100000 and Television sets worth Rs. 150000.  He had to pay 10% duty on Laptops, 8% on phones and 5% on Television sets as special case. How much total duty (in rupees) he had to pay on all items as per above details?

(a) 36500

(b) 37000

(c) 37250

(d) 37500

(e) 42500

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam_100.1

Q10. 60% students of a college study math, 55% students study commerce and 15% students study both. If ratio of boys to girl who study math only is 3 : 2 and ratio of boys to girls who study commerce only is 2 : 3, then total number of boys who study only math and only commerce together is what percent of total number of girls who study only math and only commerce together? (in approximate)

(a) 102%

(b) 109%

(c) 117%

(d) 123%

(e) 112%

Q11. Mr. Raghav owned a flat for Rs. 13.2 lacs. He spends 20% of his monthly salary on its paintings. 25% on lighting and furniture, 15% on foods and other supplements. If Mr. Raghav’s annual salary is 10.8 lacs then find the total spending made by Mr. Raghav.

(a) 137.4 lacs

(b) 1.374 lacs

(c) 13.74 lacs

(d) 11.74 lacs

(e) 17.34 lacs

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam_110.1

Q12. The entrance ticket of an exhibition was Rs. 5. Later it was decreased by 20% and thus the sale amount is increased by 44%. What was the percentage increase in the number of visitors?

(a) 64%

(b) 24%

(c) 80%

(d) 20%

(e) 40%

Q13. A tree’s height increases annually by 1/8th of its height. By how much will its height increase after 2.5 years, if it stands today at 10 m height?

(a)3 m

(b)3.44 m

(c)3.6 m

(d)3.88 m

(e)4 m

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam_120.1

Q14. A number X is  less than another number Y. Number Y is three fourth of 24. Find the sum of the two numbers X and Y.

(a) 30

(b) 33

(c) 36

(d) 24

(e) 42

Q15. Udita purchased a hand bag in Rs. 2,520. Later she felt that she had given 5% extra of the actual price of hand bag. Find the actual price of hand bag.

(a) Rs. 2,646

(b) Rs. 2,500

(c) Rs. 2400

(d) Rs. 2,450

(e) None of these

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam_130.1

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam in Hindi

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam_140.1

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FAQs: Percentage Questions For Competitive Exam

Q.1 Where will I get percentage questions for competitive exams?
Ans Some of the percentage questions for competitive exams are given above

Q.2 What are the formulas of percentage to solve percentage questions for competitive exams?
Ans The basic formulas of percentage to solve percentage questions for competitive exams are given above in the article.

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