Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For Bank Mains Exams 2021- 10th February

Direction (1–5): Bar graph given below shows percentage of a task done by each persons and line graph shows days taken by each person to do that part of task.

Q1. If Ankit and Abhishek Start working together and work for x days after that they are replaced by Divyaraj and Veer who work for next (x + 2) days, 50/9% of total work are still left which is completed by Ayush with the efficiency of (x + 2) unit/day. Find in how many days Ayush can complete whole work alone?
(a) 36 days
(b) 24 days
(c) 30 days
(d) 39days
(e) 45 days

Q4. If for first 15 days Ankit work with 25% less efficiency and Veer work with more efficiency together and remaining work is completed by another person Satish in 57 days. Find in how many days Satish can complete the whole work alone?
(a) 102 days
(b) 128 days
(c) 108 days
(d) 144 days
(e) 162 days

Directions (6-10): Given below is the pie chart which shows the percentage distribution of females in five cities and table shows the total number of literates (male + female) in these five cities.
Total population of any city = Male + Female
Total males = Literate + Illiterate
Total female = Literate + Illiterate

City Total literate (Male + Females)

Q7. If ratio of literate male to literate female in city C and E are 45 : 41 and 45 : 38 respectively then what is the ratio of literate female of city C to literate female of city E.
(a) 53 : 17
(b) 43 : 17
(c) 41 : 19
(d) 40 : 19
(e) 50 : 21

Q9. Total male and female in city D is 145000 if total illiterate female in city D are equal to total literate female in city D then find the difference in number of literate males and illiterate male in city D
(a) 55000
(b) 53000
(c) 57000
(d) 60000
(e) 50000

Q10. If total females in all six cities is 400000 and in city E total literate female are of total literate males then what is the ratio of literate male in city E to total illiterate females in city E.
(a) 15 : 4
(b) 12 : 5
(c) 7 : 2
(d) 17 : 3
(e) 16 : 5

Q11. Total time taken by car to cover D km and by bike to cover ‘D+100’ km is 15 hours. Speed of car is 60% more than the speed of bike. Average of speed of car and bike is 65kmph. If car and bike cover (D-148) km and km respectively with 90% of their actual speeds, then find the total time taken?
(a) 10 hours
(b) 5 hours
(c) 7 hours
(d) 8 hours
(e) 6 hours

Q12. Train-A crosses a pole in 9 seconds and Train-B which is 180m long and running at 150km/hr crosses Train-A in 57.6 seconds , while running in same direction. Then, find in how much time will Train-A cross Train-B while running in opposite direction?
(a) 9.6 seconds
(b) 8.2 seconds
(c) 6.4 seconds
(d) 5 seconds
(e) 11.2 seconds

Q13. A train of length 1.6 km crosses a pole in 3 min. Another train coming from opposite direction with speed of 50 km/h can cross first train in min. Find length of train which has speed of 50 km/h.
(a) 1.4 km
(b) 1.2 km
(c) 1.8 km
(d) 3 km
(e) 2 km

Q14. Ratio between length of two trains is 6 : 7 , while speeds of longer trains and smaller train are 72 km/hr & 108 km/hr respectively. If both trains crosses each other running is opposite direction in 10.4 sec, then find in what time longer train will be cross a platform whose length is 520 m ?
(a) 35sec
(b) 25 sec
(c) 45 sec
(d) 40 sec
(e) 5 5 sec

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