Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For ECGC PO 2021- 25th January

Directions (1- 5): – The given table shows the number of students in 5 schools and ratio of boys to girls in these school. Study the table carefully and answer the related questions.

Q1. Find the ratio of boys in school A and B together to girls in school A and C together.
(a) 22 : 15
(b) 15 : 22
(c) 19 : 23
(d) 23 : 19
(e) 23 : 15

Q2. Find the average number of students studying in school A, B, D and E.
(a) 841
(b) 795.5
(c) 845
(d) 822.5
(e) 906

Q3. Girls in school D is what percent more than girls in school A.
(a) 82.5%
(b) 75%
(c) 37.5%
(d) 68%
(e) 62.5%

Q4. Find the difference between no. of boys in school C and D together to girls in school B and E together.
(a) 210
(b) 190
(c) 175
(d) 225
(e) 240

Directions (6–10): Given below pie chart shows percentage distribution of population in five villages. Read the chart carefully and answer the questions.

Q7. Find the central angle of population of village D & E together?
(a) 148°
(b) 154°
(c) 166°
(d) 160°
(e) 162°

Q8. If total population of another village Q is 65 % of total population of village C and ratio between male population to female population in village Q is 4 : 9. Then find total female population in village Q?
(a) 805
(b) 810
(c) 840
(d) 880
(e) 960

Q9. If total literate population of village D is equal to 75 % of total population of village B. then find percentage of illiterate population in village D?
(a) 54.25%
(b) 52 .25%
(c) 58.25%
(d) 56.25 %
(e) 50.25%

Q10. Find the ratio between total population of village E to total population of village B?
(a) 5 : 7
(b) 6 : 11
(c) 6 : 7
(d 6 : 5
(e) 5 : 12

Directions (11-15): The following line graph shows the percentage of male and female population out of total population of five different states who are drug addicts. Study the graph carefully to answer the following questions.]

Q11. If population of Delhi is 3.6 million then find the total number of male and female together who are drug addict in Delhi.
(a) 1.62 million
(b) 1.26 million
(c) 0.62 million
(d) 2.2 million
(e) 2.6 million

Q12. If total population of Haryana is 3.2 million then total number of male drug addict in Haryana is how many more (in no.) than that of female drug addict in the same state ?
(a) 3,44,000
(b) 2,56,000
(c) 1,56,000
(d) 4,20,000
(e) None of these

Q13. If total number of female drug addict in Punjab is 1.2 million then total population of Punjab is:
(a) 4.6 million
(b) 6 million
(c) 4 million
(d) 5.4 million
(e) 3.6 million

Q14. What is average of percentage of male drug addicts in all the states together?
(a) 24.2%
(b) 28%
(c) 2.62%
(d) 26.2%
(e) 28.85

Q15. If population ratio of Haryana and UP is 3 : 5 then in which state from these two states maximum number of females are drug addict ?
(a) UP
(b) Haryana
(c) Can’t be determined
(d) Equal in both states
(e) None of these

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