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Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For IRDA AM 2023- 27th April

Q1. A person sets to cover a distance of 12 km in 45 min. If he covers 3/4 of the distance in 2/3 rd time. What should be his speed to cover the remaining distance in the remaining time?
(a) 16 km/hr
(b) 18 km/h
(c) 12 km/h
(d) 14 km/h
(e) 15 km/h

Q2. Inside a square plot a circular garden is developed which exactly fits in the square plot and the diameter of the garden is equal to the side of the square plot which is 28 metre. What is the area of the space left out in the square plot after developing the garden?
(a) 98 m²
(b) 146 m²
(c) 84 m²
(d) 168 m²
(e) 68 m²

Q3. Time taken by a boat to cover ‘D’ km upstream is 5 hours while the boat covers ‘D+5’ km downstream in 3 hours. The boat takes 12 hours to cover ‘D+10’ km downstream & return ‘2D – 4’ km upstream. Find speed of boat in still water.
(a) 4 kmph
(b) 3.5 kmph
(c) 5 kmph
(d) 3 kmph
(e) 2.5 kmph

Q4. Akshay invested Rs ‘P’ in a scheme offering 20% simple interest for ‘2T’ years. After completion of period, he invested only the sum in another scheme offering compound interest at 10% p.a. for three years if at the end of the period, interest obtained from the scheme is twice the interest obtained from first scheme. Which of the following is absolutely true?
(a) 0.367 < T < 0.44
(b) 0.314 < 2T < 0.45
(c) 0.2 < T < 0.35
(d) 0.4 < 2T < 0.56
(e) 0.68 < 2T < 0.82

Q5. A cube is such that its face diagonal is height of cylinder while its body diagonal is diameter of a sphere in which the cylinder is enclosed. Radius of cylinder is 3.5 cm which is half of side of cube. If cylinder is extracted from sphere then what volume of sphere will remain? (use √2 = 1.41 √3 = 1.71) (approx.)
(a) 525 cm3
(b) 518 cm3
(c) 533 cm3
(d) 541 cm3
(e) 512 cm3

Q6. How many different 5 digit numbers can be formed using digits 0, 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 , 9 such that no digit repeats and each number so formed is divisible by either 2 or 5 but not by both?
(a) 720
(b) 1440
(c) 2880
(d) 2160
(e) 3000

Q7. Prem gets an aggregate of 70% marks in five subjects in ratio 9 : 8 : 7 : 6 : 5. Maximum marks of each subject is same and 55% of maximum is needed to pass each exam. Then, in how many subjects did he pass the examination?
(a) 3
(b) 2
(c) 5
(d) 1
(e) 4

Q8. The average price of a TV, washing machine & refrigerator is Rs 5000 less than average price of TV & washing machine. The amount by which the price of TV is more than that of washing machine is same as amount by which price of refrigerator is less than that of washing machine. Find difference between average price of TV & washing machine & average price of washing machine & refrigerator.
(a) Rs 10000
(b) Rs 30000
(c) Rs 5000
(d) Cannot be determined
(e) None of these

Q9. Anshul deposited two parts of a sum of Rs. 25000 in different banks at the rates of 15% per annum and 18% per annum respectively at SI. In one year he got Rs. 4050 as the total interest. What was the amount deposited at the rate of 18% per annum?
(a) Rs. 9000
(b) Rs. 18000
(c) Rs. 15000
(d) Rs. 10000
(e) Rs. 12000

Q10. A watch dealer usually sells watches for Rs.2350 per watch. Once he gave two successive discounts of 15% and 25% while selling a watch to a customer. But he charged an additional 8% on the net sale price from the customer. By what percent is the new selling price less than the original selling price?
(a) 28.45%
(b) 29.25%
(c) 30.45%
(d) 31.15%
(e) 24.25%

Q11. P and Q started a business by investing Rs. 45,000 and Rs.54,000 respectively. After four months R joined the business with a capital of Rs. 30,000. After two more months Q left the business with his capital. At the end of the year P got a share of Rs. 13,500 in the profit. What is the total profit earned?
(a) Rs 26800
(b) Rs 27600
(c) Rs 28600
(d) Rs 29200
(e) Rs 32300

Q12. A shopkeeper manufacture 12 models of cups while 10 models of saucer. In how many ways can a set of 6 pieces each of cup & saucer be completed?
(a) 194040
(b) 190440
(c) 19404
(d) 19040
(e) 646646

Q13. Interest earned by Ramesh on Rs 10000 for 2 years at R% p.a. simple interest is how much more/less than interest earned by him on Rs 8000 for 2 years at (R+10)% p.a. compounding annually. If Rs 2000 is invested at 2R% p.a. simple interest for a year, then it would fetch an interest of Rs 400.
(a) Rs 1220
(b) Rs 1000
(c) Rs 1520
(d) Rs 930
(e) Rs 1140

Q14. Ram & Mohan entered into a partnership with capitals in ratio 5 : 7 respectively. After 6 months, Gita joined them with Rs 5000. After another 3 months, Ram withdrew 40% of what he had invested earlier. At the end of year, Mohan get Rs 2800 out of total profit of Rs 5600. Find difference in amount invested by Ram & Mohan in the starting.
(a) Rs 1800
(b) Rs 2000
(c) Rs 5000
(d) Rs 1000
(e) Rs 800

Q15. Total age of a family of eight people is 231 years. Three years later, one member died at the age of 60 years and a child was born during the same year. After another three years, one more member died, again at 60, and a child was born during the same year. Find the average age of all the members of the family, after another 4 years later?
(a) 23.275 years
(b) 22.475 years
(c) 21.675 years
(d) 22.275 years
(e) 23.875 years


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How many sections are there in the IRDAI exam?

There are 4 sections in the IRDAI assistant manager online preliminary exam. They are Reasoning, English Language, General awareness, Quantitative aptitude.