Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For RBI Attendant 2021- 1st April

Q1. Ratio of speed of a bus to a car is 6 : 7. They start from the same point and move towards the same direction. After four hours distance between them is 28 km. Find the time in which car will cover 196 km.
(a) 6 hours
(b) 4 hours
(c) 4.5 hours
(d) 2 hours
(e) 8 hours

Q2. Veer can do a work in x days. While Sameer can do the same work in (x + 4) days. Ratio of work done by Veer in 3 days to work done by Sameer in 4 days is 15 : 16. Find the value of ‘x’.
(a) 24
(b) 18
(c) 12
(d) 20
(e) 16

Q3. Train A crosses a platform of 98 m length in 24 sec. Another Train B of same length as Train A crosses a pole in 12 sec. If speed of train A is 20% more than speed of train B. Find length of train A.
(a) 80 m
(b) 65 m
(c) 70 m
(d) 75 m
(e) 90 m

Q4. The ratio of speed of boat in still water to speed of stream is 11 : 1. If the boat takes 1 hour more to cover 220 km upstream than to cover same distance in still water. Then find the speed of boat in still water.
(a) 22 km/hr
(b) 18 km/hr
(c) 15 km/hr
(d) 20 km/hr
(e) 25 km/hr

Q5. Two tap A and B can fill a tank in 12h and 10h respectively. Due to a leak in bottom of tank it takes 18h to fill the whole tank. If from the leak water is running at the rate of 46 lit/min, then find capacity of tank?
(a) 3600 lit
(b) 21600 lit
(c) 2160 lit
(d) 36000 lit
(e) None of these

Q8. A train can cross a pole and a tunnel in 1/1200 hrs and 10 seconds respectively. If Difference between length of tunnel and length of train is 200 meters, then find speed of train.
(a) 70 m/s
(b) 45 m/s
(c) 35 m/s
(d) 40 m/s
(e) 50 m/s

Q9. A and B undertook to do a piece of work for Rs 5400. A alone could it in 15 days and B alone could it in 20 days. With the help of C they finished the work in 6 days. Then what is the C’s share in the wage when all work together?
(a) Rs 1440
(b)Rs 1620
(c)Rs 1360
(d)Rs 1120
(e)Rs 1580

Q10. A pipe can fill a cistern in 15 min and another pipe can fill the same cistern in 60 min. a third pipe can empty it in 10 min. the first two pipes are kept open for 10 min in the beginning and then the third pipe is also opened, what is the time taken to empty the cistern?
(a)45 min
(b)60 min
(c)50 min
(d)48 min
(e)55 min

Q11. A train at a speed of 90 kmph crosses a pole in 25 seconds less than the time it required to cross a bridge 5 times of its length at same speed. Find the length of train.
(a)100 meter
(b)105 meter
(c)120 meter
(d)125 meter
(e)None of these.

Q12. A boat cover 11.2 km distance in downstream in 48 minutes. If ratio between speed of boat in still water to speed of stream is 3 : 1, then find in what time boat will cover 42 km of distance in downstream and in upstream?
(a) 7 hours
(b) 5 hours
(c) 9 hours
(d) 10hours
(e) 3 hours

Q13. Two pipes A and B can fill a cistern in 12 hours and 8 hours respectively. The pipes are opened simultaneously, and it is found that due to leakage in bottom, 12 min extra are taken to the cistern to be filled. If the cistern is full, in how much time the leak empties the cistern alone?
(a)120 hours
(b)112 hours
(c)108 hours
(d)132 hours
(e)96 hours

Q14. Sanjay can cover a distance of 30 km in upstream and 45 km in downstream in 13 hours. At the same speed, he can travel 24 km upstream and 30 km downstream in 10 hours. What is the speed of the water current?
(a)9 km/hr
(b)8 km /hr
(c)6 km/hr
(d)4 km/hr
(e)12 km/hr

Q15. Raghav can do a piece of work in 15 days while Dev can do the same piece of work in 20 days. If they work together for 4 days, how much fraction of work left?
(e)None of these

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