Reasoning Quiz 2 June – Reasoning Quiz for SBI PO Prelims 2020

The reasoning being the scoring part can enhance your performance as a whole. All you need to do is clear your basics and be aware of the syllabus of the particular exam you are preparing for. Start your preparation and crack the State Bank of India PO Prelims 2020 with the study plan and daily reasoning quizzes provide on bankersadda and adda247 app. 2nd June 2020 SBI PO Pre Quiz Based on- Direction Sense.


Q1. A person started walking from point A towards South direction. After walking 10 m he took a right turn and walked 5m. Then he took a left turn and walked 5m. He again took a right turn and walked 3m meters and stopped at point B. What is the shortest distance and direction of his final point with respect to his starting point?
(a) 10 m South
(b) 15m North-east
(c) 17m South-west
(d) 13m South
(e) 18m West

Q2. Tower D is towards East to Tower F. Tower B is towards North of Tower D. Tower H is towards South of Tower B but north of D. Towards which direction is Tower H from Tower F?
(a) East
(b) South-East
(c) North-East
(d) North
(e) Can’t be determine

Q3. A man starts from point P, walks 5 m towards North, then takes a left turn and walks for 10 m. He then takes a left turn and walks for 14 m, then he takes a left turn and walks 7 m, then finally takes a left turn and walks 5 m to reach point Q. How far and towards which direction should the person walk to reach at point P again?
(a) 5m, West
(b) 7m, North-East
(c) 6m, East
(d) 5m, North-East
(e) 5m, South-West

Direction (4-5): Read the information carefully and answer the question:
Rahul started his journey from point X, he walks 8 m in the east direction, after that he turns 90-degree anticlockwise direction and walks 6m to reach at point Y. From point Y, he turns to his left and walks 10m to reach at point Z.

Q4. What is the shortest distance between point X and Y?
(a) 8m
(b) 10m
(c) 12m
(d) 15m
(e) None-of-these

Q5. What is the total distance covered by Rahul from point X to point Z?
(a) 22m
(b) 24m
(c) 20m
(d) 30m
(e) 18m

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