Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 9 June- Daily Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for SBI Clerk Mains 2020

The Quantitative Aptitude Section is one of the scoring sections of the bank examination. The  Quantitative Aptitude is definitely be helping you if practicing it with Sincerity. 9th June 2020 SBI Clerk Mains Quiz Based on- Speed Time Distance and Simplification. Stay with Bankers Adda for the latest Quizzes, Study notes, Test series, and other helpful study material.                                                           

Q1. Two cars, an Alto and a Swift, start at the same time in opposite directions from two distinct points P and Q. Starting from P, the Alto reaches Q in 6 hrs 20 minutes and the Swift starting from Q, reaches P in 4 hrs 45 minutes. What is the speed of the Swift, if the speed of the Alto is 60 Km/h?

(a) 110 Km/h

(b) 100 Km/h

(c) 90 Km/h

(d) 80 Km/h

(e) 70 km/h

Q2. X started from a point A towards point B. After 2 hours Y started from B towards A. By the time X travelled one-fifth of the total distance, Y had also travelled the same. If Y’s speed is thrice that of X’s speed, find the difference in the times (in hours) taken by X and Y to reach their destinations.

(a) 10

(b) 20

(c) 15

(d) 25

(e) none of these

Q3. Two boys ‘A’ and ‘B’ start at the same time to ride from Delhi to Meerut, 60 km away. A travels 4 km an hour slower than B. B reaches Meerut and at once turns back meeting A 12 km from Meerut. The speed of A was

(a) 4 km/hr

(b) 8 km/hr

(c) 12 km/hr

(d) 16 km/hr

(e) 6 km/hr

Q4. A thief sees a jeep at a distance of 250 m, coming towards him at 36 km/h. Thief takes 5 seconds to realize that the police is approaching him by the jeep and started running away from police at 54 km/hr. But police realized after 10 seconds, when the thief starts running away, that he is actually a thief and started chasing at 72 km/hr. What is the total distance covered and total time taken by the police if thief is caught?
(a) 50 s, 1000 m
(b) 65 s, 1150 m
(c) 65 s, 1300 m
(d) 45 s, 1050 m
(e) 60 s, 1200 m

Q5. A motorboat went downstream for 28 km and immediately returned. It took the boat twice as long to make the return trip than the downstream trip. If the speed of the river flow were twice as high, the trip downstream and back would take 672 minutes. Find the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the river flow.

(a) 9 km/hr, 3 km/hr

(b) 9 km/hr, 6 km/hr
(c) 8 km/hr, 2 km/hr

(d) 12 km/hr, 3 km/hr

(e) None of these

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