Section 144 Imposed In Mumbai: All You Need To Know

Recently announced Section 144 in Mumbai has  sent the residents of the city in a state of panic on Thursday. As per the official guidelines, the movement of the residents have been restricted till 30th September in view of rising coronavirus cases. Since then, the news has been trending all over the India for various reason. One of the reason is the explanation given by the authorities to implement Section-144 which is that it will not make any difference in the current scenerio and hence netizens are trolling the Maharashtra Government for implementing a law which is not going to make any difference or whatsoever. In this space, we have covered everything related to this news in detail so make sure you do check it out. 

What is Section 144?

Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) of 1973 empowers an executive magistrate to issue orders in urgent cases of nuisance or apprehended danger. It has a wider scope but it is often used to prohibit the assembly of one or more persons when there are chances of unrest at any place. Section 129 grants the Executive Magistrates, Police Officers and above the power to disperse any unlawful assembly of people. Section 130 the Executive Magistrate is authorized to obtain the aid of the Armed Forces to disperse any such unlawful assembly and under Section 131 any Gazetted Officer of the Armed Forces is allowed to use his power to disperse any dangerous or unlawful assembly even without any command from a Magistrate, however, an Executive Magistrate should be contacted as soon as possible as follow his instructions while taking necessary action.

Unlawful Assembly can be defined as a group of people gathered for any unlawful or dangerous cause like:

  • To resist the execution of any law, or any legal process,
  • To commit any mischief or criminal trespass,
  • Any protest which turns violent or any kind of violent protest, etc.

What Happened in Mumbai?

Due to the ongoing crisis and rapidly soaring COVID-19 cases, the government has enforced section 144. Section 144 was actually enforced during the lockdown period and as the country began to unlock the restrictions were also eased. During the lockdown period there were many restrictions regarding the Section 144 but soon during the unlock period the movement of traffic was given a nod and people were allowed to come out only when it was necessary. Mumbai is one of the worst affected cities of our country and the cases are continuously increasing, so in order to control that Section 144 wasn’t completely revoked and just a few restrictions were laid off. The Mumbai government also tweeted that there is no need to panic as people were confused why all of a sudden section 144 was going to be enforced. The government has made it clear that no new restrictions are in place and the section wasn’t revoked at first place and it will continue till situation is under control. And as of now the movement of people will be restricted until 30th September.  

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