Success Story of Aman Verma Selected in SBI PO

Hello Everyone,

It is glad to inform you all that I have been selected as an SBI PO. It was a tough task but Adda247 material and study course make it comfortable for me. I would like to thank you very much for your support and help. I have great faith in  Adda247 team and for me. If you see there are so many platforms and applications for a competitive examination but I have never tried them and I don’t know from the start of my preparation I silently followed Adda247 and I knew it if I go in this manner I will crack the exam. After clearing the exam I have Suggested every person who asks me what type of material we should use I said to them ” Download Adda247 and have faith on them solve the material they provide you, Definitely you will crack the exam” They were approximately 1000-1500 people who asked me and the happiest part for me some of them told them they have already downloaded the app. Let me clear one thing I have used Bank prime, GD and PI course and many materials of Adda247. They are sufficient for clearing the Banking examination. So keep faith in yourself and Adda247, you will crack the exam.

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Suggestions and Mantras:

  • Firstly any Banking Aspirants should go with basics in every subject and understood the trick behind these basic and after that go step by step towards the advance question. Don’t go directly towards advanced questions as this will demotivate you.
  • Second, you should understand all the aspects of any questions and know how to solve it, don’t try to solve it by keeping time in your mind just solve it.
  • Third, if you think you can handle the questions it is the high time you should work on speed and it will be not tough if you know the basics.

Quantitative Aptitude:

In start days you should try to play with numbers and Practice 30 questions of simplification daily. Remember the number table till 40 and square and cubes will save your time during the exam. Solve every chapter in repeat mode don’t try to be over smart by thinking once it is done you will be master so keep practicing.

Focus on DI it is the main part of the Banking examination.

English Section :

As I belong to Hindi background so English was my weakest part but now it is the strongest part for me.
The trick behind this is to practice grammar rule on daily basis and read editorial and daily practice English sets.

Reasoning Section:

Try to find out which chapters are easily scoring and are coming in every exam like syllogism, inequality, Ranking as these are scoring sections and less time-consuming. Practice puzzles daily which come in Adda247 daily quizzes. Solve it from there.

General Awareness Section:

Covers 6 months of current affairs, Try to make notes from yourself, Read current affairs of Adda247. And learn it daily and the best trick is to make a group of two friends and discuss it with them.


Keep calm.
Never give up.
Think that you are fighting for only one seat.
Keep your patience high because some times you don’t get what you think because you are not able to match your potential that is needed.
Keep yourself focused.
Do daily practice.
Be different.

And one more important thing that believe in Adda247 it will give you one seat. So once again Thank you so much, Adda247 team. I would like to thank one more person of your team, Mr. Sumit he is the only person who changes my thought on Quant in starting days days I watched one approximation video of his that was amazing that changed me.

Thank you so much Adda247!

All the Best!

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