Time to Think During COVID-19: 27th September 2020

It’s time to refresh your mind and keep it positive. Sometimes we feel stressed after all we are the human body. How to calm yourself and reenergize yourself? Just close your eyes and try to recall what you have learned until now. Try to calm your self by saying, YOU CAN DO IT. Paper will not confuse you, and you will attempt all with great confidence. Drink water and relax your body and mind.

Do not panic. This will lose your concentration power and decision-making ability. So it’s better to leave the question. Develop the skill to pick out the question that can be solved within minutes. This will save you time. When you solve a relaxed mind, you will have a different approach to the question.

So, students, we hope this time you will take the Preparation differently. Give your best shot to what you desire. Opportunities are there, you just need the confidence to grab them.

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