Tips and Tricks To Solve Reading Comprehension For Bank and Other Competitive Exams


Study Notes are really essential and effective while preparing for any competitive exam. We all have been making and studying through study notes since our childhood. Its one of the most important steps of preparation and a very effective tool for last minute revision. Your mind collects data of random details in the form of keywords and memory maps visualized during preparation. Jotting down main phrases & keywords, making memory maps and highlighting important facts help one speed up the learning process.  

Tips to Solve Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension is a very important topic in various Banking, Insurance and other competitive Examinations. Reading Comprehension can be your saviour in the exams, as it does not require any grammar rules or guesswork, all you need to do is to look for the answers. To improve one’s Reading skills, one must develop a habit of Reading regularly, may it be Editorials, Newspapers, Novels or any English content which one is comfortable with. Reading Newspapers is the best option as it will also enhance your General Knowledge and Current affairs. Reading can be of great help when preparing for any Government Job Exam. 
Most of the students often wonder whether to attempt Reading Comprehension or not as it may eat up all your time and leave you puzzled if the theme is based on economy or such commerce related topics which most of the students fear of. If we analyse the Exams conducted in 2018 by IBPS, we come through a new pattern of Short Reading Comprehensions. There were small Passages to read following 4-5 Questions each. Infact, IBPS PO Mains exam 2018 was 90% based on these short Reading Comprehension. So, this shows how important this topic is for the Examinations and one cannot skip this in one’s preparations. 
Here are some Tips and Tricks to solve Reading Comprehension in Stipulated Time
  • Read the Questions First: 

Time plays a very crucial role in the Examination. It is advised not to waste time reading the whole passage, instead start from reading questions first. Once you get the needed lines of the answer in the RC, then compare it with the options given in the question. If you are unable to locate an answer then move to the next question, do not get stuck on any question!! Through this approach, you will be able to find the theme and flow of passage in the shortest span of time. Pick out the keywords and then go the passage and look for your answer. This reverse approach saves your time.

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  • Solve Vocabulary Questions:

There are 1-2 Questions based on antonyms and synonyms in every RC. Try to solve these questions as they consume less time. To tackle questions related to vocabulary you can get idea about the meaning of the word by reading the line in which the word lies and also the line preceding or succeeding it. This trick will help you in getting the right synonym/antonym of the word asked.

  • Improve your Focus and Grasp:

Reading lengthy passages becomes boring at times and one cannot understand what is written by the author. Try to improve your focus and grasp and while reading the passage, make sure that you understand the gist of the passage.

  • Focus on Opening and Closing paragraphs:

Questions such as the main idea question are based on the overall subject of the passage, and majority of the times the answer for this question type lies in the first and last paragraph of the passage. Ensure you derive the maximum possible information from these paragraphs.

  • Improve reading Speed:

Do not move your lips while reading, it slows you down. Reading Comprehension requires you to be smart and smartness comes from practice. Developing daily reading habit will help you enhance your reading speed and comprehending the passage quickly. 
Practice a lot because making excuses never brings success. Daily Reading and practicing will help you score well and achieve your dream job this year itself.