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Vocabulary of The Day- 08 July

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Vocabulary of the Day is a daily feature by Adda247 aimed at improving candidates’ English proficiency and enhancing their performance in competitive exams. Each day, a new word is introduced along with its meaning, usage examples, synonyms, antonyms, a practice question, and similar-sounding words with different meanings. This initiative simplifies the learning process, systematically builds vocabulary, and helps candidates excel in the English Language section.


Meaning: To pass or complete a task perfectly

Hindi Meaning: किसी कार्य को उत्तमता से पूरा करना या पूरा करना

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Use of the Word: At the age of 62, Colonel Bhardwaj aces a fortnight-long Mt Everest Base Camp trek with his wife.

Synonyms: master (उस्ताद)

Antonyms: amateur (अनिपुण)

Q. Which of the following is a synonym of the word ace?

a) champion

b) genius

c) master

d) all of the above

Similar Sounding Words with Different meaning:

  • tail: पूँछ
  • tale: कहानी

Ans. d): all of the above

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Benefits of Building Vocabulary

Building a strong vocabulary is important for excelling in competitive exams and becoming a confident communicator. Aspiring candidates should recognize the benefits of expanding their vocabulary, as discussed below:

  • Clear and Fluent Expression: A rich vocabulary enables more precise and clear communication, both in writing and speaking.
  • Enhanced Conversational Skills: Familiarity with synonyms and antonyms enhances the ability to convey ideas effectively and engage in meaningful discussions.
  • Strengthened Language Mastery: Regular exposure to new words improves proficiency in the English language, contributing to both personal and professional development.
  • Confident Articulation: A diverse vocabulary empowers individuals to express their thoughts and opinions with confidence, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Improved Exam Performance: A strong vocabulary significantly enhances performance in the English language section of competitive exams, leading to higher overall scores.
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What is the meaning for the Vocabulary of The Day, "Ace"?

The meaning for the Vocabulary of The Day, "Ace" is to pass or complete a task perfectly.