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Vocabulary Words: Improve Your Vocabulary with Antonyms & Synonyms: 2nd and 3rd January 2022

Vocabulary Words: For most banking Aspirants, vocabulary is a nightmare but it carries a great amount of importance in every competitive exam. It is very important to have a good hold on the vocabulary to increase efficiency in the language section and also to increase your overall scores. That is why Adda247 has started a new initiative to improve the vocabulary of the aspirants with the Visual vocabulary words and their meaning.

1. Repine (verb)

    Meaning; To complain; to regret.


    Synonyms: lament, mope

    Antonyms: rejoice, complacent

  1. Bloviate (verb)

    Meaning; To speak or discourse at length


    Synonyms: alleviate, bloat

    Antonyms: silent, quiet


  1. Misprision (noun)

    Meaning; Criminal neglect of duty 


    Synonyms: contempt

    Antonyms: tolerance


  1. Fleece (verb)

    Meaning; To con or trick (someone) out of money.


    Synonyms: fraud, trick

    Antonyms: offer, resolve


  1. Speck (noun)

    Meaning; A tiny spot, especially of dirt


    Synonyms: blot

    Antonyms: clean


  1. Gripe (verb)

    Meaning; To complain; to whine.


    Synonyms: grouch, complain

    Antonyms: tolerate, commend


  1. Ardent (adjective)

    Meaning; Full of ardor; fervent, passionate.


    Synonyms: enthusiastic, excited

    Antonyms: dull, apathetic

8.Plethora (noun)

    Meaning; An excessive amount or number; an abundance


    Synonyms: slew, abundance

    Antonyms; rarity, scarcity 

  9.Fume (verb)

    Meaning; To express or feel great anger.


    Synonyms: blow up

    Antonyms: calm

  10. Jockey (verb)

    Meaning;  To maneuver (something) by skill for one’s advantage.


    Synonyms: manoeuvre, engineer

    Antonyms:  mislead, misguide

11.Brazen (Adjective)

    Meaning; Extremely strong


    Synonyms; bold, straight

    Antonyms; shy, quiet

12.Perilous (adjective)

    Meaning; Dangerous, full of peril.


    Synonyms: unsafe, harmful

    Antonyms: safe, secure

13.Regale (verb)

    Meaning; To please or entertain


    Synonyms: fascinate, delight

    Antonyms: bore, upset

14.Scathing (Adjective) 

    Meaning; harshly or bitterly critical


    Synonyms: savage, fierce

    Antonyms: gentle, mild

Importance of Vocabulary Words in English language

The reading comprehension from which 50% of the English language section questions are based requires the candidate to have good reading skills and requires a good hold on the English vocabulary. A good vocabulary will give the candidates of a better understanding of the comprehension which will benefit them in scoring maximum marks.

A good vocabulary also helps a candidate to crack the interview round of the banking exams. The candidate can form a sentence perfectly if he/she has a good vocabulary.

Apart from the reading comprehension section, there are multiple English tests where vocabulary can be used.


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