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What Is Psychometric Test in SBI PO?

What Is Psychometric Test in SBI PO?

The candidates who will make it through to the next round must be prepared for the Psychometric Test. The candidates will now have to undergo a Psychometric Test along with a personal interview.  The Psychometric test is a common practice in the private sector with several large MNCs using this test to select suitable candidates. With the inclusion of this test in the SBI PO Interview stage it is expected that it will become more objective for examiners to select candidates who have the right aptitude for banking.  All your doubts and queries about  ‘What Is a Psychometric Test in SBI PO?’ are answered in the article below.

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What Is Psychometric Test?

As per the standard definition,  a psychometric test is a standardized method of evaluating an individual’s psychological traits, including abilities, skills, personality, and intelligence. This test aims to judge certain specific traits in once personality that makes him or her suitable for the job. More specifically it looks into the cognitive, behavioral, or emotional traits of candidates.

There can be many forms of Psychometric Tests. In order to bring out the depth and right attitude of candidates these tests employ various tools such as:

  1. Multiple-choice questionnaires
  2. Situation Reaction Test
  3. Performance Task

and many more. These tests are conducted with a time foundation to understand true personality and the genuine reactions of candidates.

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What Is SBI PO Psychometric Test?

In order to get a clear idea about the personality and cognitive skills of candidates SBI is more likely to conduct a Psychometric Test based on Multiple type questions. The responses of candidates and their statistical analysis can be helpful for examiners to arrive at the right pool of candidates for banking.  There are various traits that a Psychometric Test in SBI PO is most likely to look for and they are:

  • Effective Intelligence: How a candidate responds to difficult and complex situations and how easily he is able to solve problems.
  • Rational Thinking: Whether a candidate is rational and practical in his approach or not.
  • Social Adaptability: How easily is a candidate likely to mix up and gel in with the team? And whether he is a good team player or not.
  • Responsibility Quotient: If a candidate will be able to handle the responsibility that comes at higher grades in banking.
  • Emotional Intelligence: How stable is a candidate in regulating his emotions as well as in perceiving the emotions of others?
  • Attitude: Positive and problem-solving attitude rather than a negative one.
  • Ethical Quotient of candidates: How they approach situations that cause ethical dilemmas.

 How Important Is Psychometric Test In SBI PO

The candidates must note that Psychometric Test In SBI PO is one of the tests in the third stage of the SBI PO Exam. While it is important and as per norms in modern hiring practices, it is only helpful in knowing the rough suitability of candidates. The other round like Group Discussions and interviews will also be held for all the candidates.

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 How To Prepare For Psychometric Test In SBI PO

There is a high probability that the finding of these tests will be placed before the interview panel. And may try to judge candidates based on these results through specific questions and situation reaction tests. Hence candidates must not ignore this test. You can prepare for these tests by following the simple tips mentioned below.

  1. Try a simple Psychometric Test online.
  2. Analyze your results and look for shortcomings.
  3. Practice regularly.
  4. Incorporate yoga and physical exercise for calmness.


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What Is Psychometric Test in SBI PO?

A psychometric test is a standardized method of evaluating an individual's psychological. Know all about Psychometric Test in SBI PO from the article gibe above.

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