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Why Mains exam is more important than Prelims

Why Mains Exam is more important than Prelims

The IBPS RRB Exam dates are now out. The candidates preparing for IBPS RRB Clerk and PO must know the exam dates and accordingly prepare a strategy for the upcoming examination. As per the IBPS RRB Notification, the prelims exams for PO and Clerk will be held on 5, 6, 12, 13, & 19 August 2023. While the mains exam will be in the month of September. Therein lies a trap that the candidates must be aware of. While the prelims examination is definitely important as its is a must for writing the mains exam.  Candidates are expected to smartly approach the exam keeping in mind the mains exam which is within a month of the prelims exam. The article here will address Why Mains Exam is more important than prelims for IBPS RRB and how candidates are should approach both stages for ensuring final selection.


Mains Exam is more important than Prelims

The mains exam is often considered more important than the prelims for several reasons:

  1. Weightage: The mains has higher weightage in the final selection process. The scores obtained in the mains exam are considered for the final selection while prelims is a qualifying stage. The higher marks in mains will convert into a higher rank but it’s is not the same for the prelims stage. Beyond the cut off marks the score in prelims will not be rewarded in the final selection.
  2. Comprehensive Evaluation: The mains exam is designed to assess a candidate’s in-depth knowledge, understanding, and analytical skills. The level os questions and complexity problems in mains is more.  With less than a month available for the mains exam post prelims candidates should devote sufficient time to mains-related topics and questions.Why Mains exam is more important than Prelims |_30.1
  3. Final Selection: In IBPS RRB  recruitment processes, the final selection is based on the scores obtained in the main exam and subsequent stages such as interviews or group discussions. The prelims exam serves as a qualifying stage, allowing candidates to advance to the mains exam. Therefore, performing well in the mains exam becomes crucial for securing a higher rank or qualifying for further stages.
  4. Subject-specific Knowledge: The main exam focuses on subject-specific knowledge related to the banking and ability to handle complex reasoning and maths questions in time This helps in assessing the candidate’s expertise and suitability for the job role, as the questions are designed to test their understanding of the core concepts and practical application of knowledge.
  5. Time and Effort Investment: Candidates typically invest a significant amount of time and effort in preparing for the main exam, as it requires a deeper understanding of the subjects and extensive practice. The level of preparation and performance in the main exam can have a significant impact on a candidate’s chances of success.

Why Mains exam is more important than Prelims |_40.1

It is highly advisable that the candidates should not neglect the IBPS RRB Mains Examination in the next few months. Bankersadda will from time to time release relevant study material that will ease the burden of candidates.

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Why Mains exam is more important than Prelims |_50.1

Why Mains exam is more important than Prelims |_60.1




Why Mains exam is more important than Prelims?

The article above will help you to understand the importance of Prelims Over mains.