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World Press Freedom Day 2023, Date, Theme & Significance

World Press Freedom Day 2023

The 3 May is celebrated as World Press Freedom Day. The day is organised by UNESCO and its aims at showing support and generating awareness about the role of media and press. The press, which is considered the fourth pillar of democracy is essential for the maintenance of balance and reporting issues that concern global citizens. Reporters, editors, and photographers have often put their lives on the line to reveal the truth behind significant events. World Press Freedom Day 2023 also marks 30 years of celebration of this day. Here in this article, we have covered World Press Freedom Day 2023 in detail.

World Press Freedom Day 2023: History

The world freedom press day was officially declared on 3rd May, 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly, following a recommendation made in 1991 during the twenty sixth general conference session of UNESCO. The declaration was a response to the 1991 Windhoek Declaration, which was produced by African journalists who gathered to discuss press freedom at a seminar organized by UNESCO. The Windhoek Declaration concluded on 3rd May, which later became the day designated to celebrate and support press freedom globally.


World Press Freedom Day 2023: Theme and Significance

The theme for World Press Freedom Day 2023 is set by UNESCO. The theme for World Press Freedom Day 2023 is“Shaping a Future of Rights: Freedom of Expression as a Driver for all other human rights.” The 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day, celebrated this year, emphasizes the crucial role of press freedom, and independent and diverse media, as fundamental to the enjoyment of all human rights. The occasion also coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Vienna Conference and its Declaration and Programme of Action on Human Rights, which established significant institutions safeguarding human rights, as well as the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In addition to celebrating World Press Freedom Day on May 3, 2023, the occasion will also feature the presentation of the UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize. This prestigious award is bestowed upon journalists who have made significant contributions to the field, particularly those who have endangered their lives to provide crucial information to the public.

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What is the theme of this year's World Press Freedom Day 2023?

The theme of this year's world press freedom day is given in the article above.