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CAIIB Information Guidelines 2023, New Set of Questions Introduced

CAIIB Information Guidelines 2023

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance has issued a set of information guidelines for the CAIIB 2023 Exam. The banking and financial sector employees who are aspiring for the promotional exam should be updated with the CAIIB Information Guidelines. All the major changes and new introductions are illustrated to the aspirants through information guidelines. In the given article, we have provided the complete details related to CAIIB Information Guidelines 2023 along with direct link to download the PDF.

CAIIB New Set Of Questions Introduced

IIBF has released a PDF comprising information and operational guidelines for the new set of questions, “Questions without options” that was first introduced in the CAIIB June 2023 Exam. The Indian Institute Of Banking and Finance has made further additions in the CAIIB Information Guidelines and has published the PDF on the official website, This will be a new experience for the candidates as the questions will not be in MCQ Format.

CAIIB Information Guidelines 2023 Download PDF

IIBF had introduced a new question type “Questions without options” in the June 2023 CAIIB Exam. For the 1st time in June 2023, Questions without options had been administered in the paper “Bank Financial Management”. Now, IIBF has released a notice mentioning that the “Questions without options” will be introduced in all the four compulsory papers of CAIIB.

1. Advanced Bank Management (ABM)
2. Bank Financial Management (BFM)
3. Advanced Business & Financial Management (ABFM)
4. Banking Regulations & Business Laws (BRBL)

CAIIB Information Guidelines related to New Set of Questions Introduced are discussed below.

  • The question paper will encompass new set of questions from all modules within the subject. The questions will be varied in nature, aiming to provide coverage across the subject’s various aspects.
  • Each new set of questions will carry 1 mark like any other question.
  • For the new set of questions no answer options will be provided, i.e. they will not be in MCQ Format.
  • After every new set of questions, a response box will be provided in which candidates will have to fill their answers.
  • The candidate will have to solely rely on the system’s built-in virtual keyboard to input numbers and symbols.
  • The new set of questions will be numerical problems. The candidate must use the system’s virtual keyboard to accurately input numbers ranging from 0 to 9, ensuring the appropriate prefix is included. In the case of a negative answer, the candidate should precede it with a ‘-‘ sign.

CAIIB Information Guidelines 2023 Download PDF-Click Here To Download PDF

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What has IIBF Introduced for CAIIB 2023 Exam?

IIBF has introduced new set of questions that are the "Questions without Options" for CAIIB 2023 Exam.

In which CAIIB Paper new set of questions has been introduced?

New set of questions has been introduced in all the compulsory papers of CAIIB.