Coronavirus Treatment- Latest Updates

Drugmakers and scientists not only India but across the world are in a hurry to produce an effective treatment or vaccine for the fast-spreading coronavirus that has killed over 220,000 people globally and has disturbed the economy of every country.

To date, there is no such specific vaccine that could be said it is perfect to treat COVID-19, but various drugs are classified as experimental coronavirus drugs and approaching for clinical trials of the same. Once the specific treatment or vaccine for the virus is out, we will update you on the very first. The below article is all about what’s happening in the medicinal field in regards to COVID-19. 

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Drugs that got approval for clinical trials:

Remdesivir: Gilead Sciences Inc’s was granted approval for the clinical trials to treat COVID-19 with Remdesivir, and the result for the same, shows the patients are recovering at a fast speed from the illness caused by the coronavirus. The use of Remdesivir is nodded by FDA and the emergency use authorization will facilitate the broader use of this drug in order to treat severe cases of coronavirus. 

Remdesivir is an antiviral drug that was designed for treating hepatitis and a common respiratory virus that was found useless against those diseases. The Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency approval for the Remdesivir drug to be used as a treatment for patients severely ill with the disease caused by the coronavirus. The Remdesivir drug was turned over to the pharmaceutical scrap heap for controlling this deadly virus.

Favipiravir: Mumbai-based Glenmark pharmaceuticals were granted approval to go-ahead to start trials on COVID-19 patients in the country. The clinical trials will be conducted with the antiviral drug Favipiravir, which is seen as a potential treatment for this coronavirus infection.

The Drug Controller General of India had approved these clinical trials, however, it is refusing to share any detailed information about the trials. Glenmark have successfully developed the API and the formulations, and are all organized to begin clinical trials on COVID-19 patients in India with Favipiravir immediately. 

At the beginning of trials, only 150 patients with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 will be enrolled in an aimless trial comparing Favipiravir along with the other standard supportive care. The trial with this drug will be continued for a maximum of 28 days to assure its potential towards COVID-19.

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Along with Glenmark, another Indian pharmaceutical company named Strides Pharma Science Ltd had also developed and commercialized Favipiravir antiviral tablets and had applied for the clinical trials to the Indian drug authorities. 

What Cipla is doing in regards to COVID-19?

The Chief promotor of Cipla in an interview said: “It’s our nationalistic duty to put all our resources in perspective of benefiting the country in this pandemic crisis”. To meet challenges that are arising from the COVID-19, Cipla is working on its wide portfolio of drugs including respiratory drugs, asthma, HIV drugs. Cipla’s strength resides in respiratory, anti-flu, and HIV drugs, and all three are believed to be effective in the present scenario but cannot be established as a specific treatment for COVID-19. At present, there is no treatment for Covid-19, the drug combinations or experimental drugs are used and three such drugs are initiated to treat COVID-19, these compounds are namely- Remidesivir, Favipiravir, and Bolaxavir. These all are anti-viral drugs and Cipla is looking forward to producing API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) along with government laboratories so that there is sufficient stock for the vaccine if found useful. 

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The focus of Cipla is to make healthcare affordable and ready to produce effective vaccines once clinical trials are successfully completed. Cipla is also working on other supplements that could be used for treating add-on diseases in a patient along with Coronavirus, as this infection mainly affect the lungs. A wide range of asthma drugs is available at Cipla including Foracort, Duolin, Aerocort nebulizers to maintain asthma conditions. 

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