Current Affairs 2020: All You Should Know About Census 2021

The 16th Indian Census also the 2021 Census of India will be conducted in 2021. The census gives information of the size, distribution and socio-economic, demographic and other characteristics of the country’s population. The 15th Indian Census was taken in 2011 estimating socio-economic and caste status for the first time. The last caste based census was conducted by Britishers in 1931. 

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About Indian Census

Ancient: Census fives the data of the population distribution. It is believed that Rig-Veda which is prevalent in 800-600 BC was having some kind of population count maintainence. So, our census is an ancient phenomena.

During 3rd century BC, Arthashastra of Kautilya prescribed collection of population dara so that state policy of taxation and administration can be carried out in a smooth way.

Medieval: Ain-e-Akbari, written by Abul Fazl during the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar, gave a comprehensive data of Population, Industry, Wealth, etc.

Modern: Modern population census was however believed to be the present by Britishers that was conducted in 1865 and 1872.  However, the first parallel census in India took place in 1881. Since than, it was started to held once at every 10 years.

Contemporary: India’s last census was held in 2011 in which country’s population goes around 121 crore. It was one of the largest exercise to be held in the world on administrative level

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Census 2021: Quick Facts

  • It is going to be the world’s biggest census till now.
  • The process of collection has already being started and the census will take place in 2021. Here are some quick facts:
  • The census 2021 will be supervised in 18 languages out of the languages inlisted in 8th Schedule of the constitution. The 2011 census was conducted in 16 languages out of the 22 schedule languages in the 8th schedule
  • The option of male, female and Third Gender will be there in place of “other” which was earlier mentioned in the Gender category.
  • The data will be collected through mobile app for the first time and the enumerators will receive additional payment for the same.
  • The data will be available to be 2024-25
  • Census will be confidential under the Census act, 1948.


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