Economic Survey 2020: 50 Questions Based on Economic Survey 2020

Economic Survey Quiz 2020: Finally, the wait is over and Economic Survey for the year 2019-20 is presented by Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman in parliament. India’s aspiration to go 5 trillion economy is the base of this survey. Economic survey comes in two volumes: Volume I and II. Here are the 50 Questions Based on Economic Survey 2020 which can be asked in upcoming exams.

Q1: According to Economic Survey 2020, India’s aspiration to become a $5 trillion economy depends critically on:
1. Enable fair competition and ease doing business.
2. Efficiently scale up the banking sector.
3. Achieve all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
4. Provide equal opportunities for new entrants.

Which of the following is incorrect?
(a). 1
(b). 2
(c). 3
(d). 4
(e). All are correct.

ANSWER: (c) Achieve all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Q2: A 10 percent increase in registration of new firms in a district yields a —– increase in Gross Domestic District Product (GDDP)?
(a). 1.4%
(b). 1.8%
(c). 2.2 %
(d). 2.4 %
(e). None of the above

ANSWER: (b). 1.8%

Q3: Which of the following factor in a district foster local entrepreneurship significantly?
(a). Literacy & Education
(b). Employment Rate
(c). Availability of Special Economic Zones (SEZs)
(d). HDI of the district
(e). Per Capita Income of the district

ANSWER: (a). Literacy & Education

Q4: Before liberalisation, a Sensex firm expected to stay in it for 60 years, which decreased to only —- years after liberalisation.
(a). 12 years
(b). 5 Years
(c). 10 years
(d). 2 years
(e). 15 years

ANSWER: (a). 12 years

Q5: Which of the following factor spiked up the volatility of the retail and wholesale prices of onions.
(a). Hoarding by traders
(b). Increase in Exports of Raw onions in September 2019
(c). Imposition of stock limits on onions in September 2019
(d). Bad Weather Pattern
(e). Less MSP by the Government

ANSWER: (c). Imposition of stock limits on onions in September 2019

Q6: What is India’s rank in the New Firm Created, as per World Bank?
(a). 11th
(b). 111th
(c). 3rd
(d). 8th
(e). 22nd

ANSWER: (c). 3rd

Q7: Which Indian State topped the Sustainable Development and Climate Change India Index 2019?
(a). Kerala
(b). Himachal Pradesh
(c). Rajasthan
(d). Gujarat
(e). Sikkim

Answer: (b). Himachal Pradesh

Q8: India hosted COP-14 to UNCCD which adopted the breakthrough measures in the accord, known as
(a). Atal Declaration
(b). Paris Agreement
(c). Delhi Declaration
(d). Ambedkar Declaration
(e). None of the above

Answer: (c). Delhi Declaration

Q9: What is the rank of India in Emerging Green Bond Market?
(a). 11th
(b). 1st
(c). 2nd
(d). 3rd
(e). 4th


Q10: Which of the following state falls under the category of Aspirants on the basis of SDG India Index?
(a). Goa
(b). Haryana
(c). Punjab
(d). Assam
(e). Tamil Nadu


Q11: COP-25 of UNFCCC was held at?
(a). Paris
(b). Brussels
(c). New Delhi
(d). Madrid
(e). London

ANSWER: (d). Madrid

Q12: What is the percentage of Forest and tree cover W.R.T. the geographical area of the country?
(a). 24.56 %
(b). 24.14 %
(c). 22.44 %
(d). 22.22 %
(e). 25.25%

ANSWER: (a). 24.56 %

Q13: GVA at Basic Prices for 2019-20 from ‘Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing’ sector is estimated to grow by—
(a). 2.8%
(b). 2.4%
(c). 2.0%
(d). 1.4%
(e). 3.2%

ANSWER: (a). 2.8%

Q14: What is the level of level of mechanization in agriculture in India?
(a). 20%
(b). 30%
(c). 40%
(d). 50%
(e). 60%

ANSWER: (c). 40%

Q15: Steel sector achieved a growth of — during 2019-20 (April November).
(a). 4%
(b). 5.2%
(c). 5.5%
(d). 4.8%
(e). 3.3%

ANSWER: (b). 5.2%

Q16: Which Government Scheme has vaccinated 3.39 crore children and 87.18 lakh pregnant women of 680 districts across the country.
(a). Mission Indradhanush
(b). Ayushmaan Bharat
(c). National Health Mission
(d). Janashree Bima Yojana
(e). Universal Health Insurance Scheme

ANSWER: (a). Mission Indradhanush

Q17: The Logistics industry of India Expected to touch by 2020
(a). US$ 220 billion
(b). US$ 200 billion
(c). US$ 215 billion
(d). US$ 250 billion
(e). US$ 180 billion

ANSWER: US$ 215 billion

Q18: Which of the following is NOT the Largest export destinations for Indian Market in 2019-20 (April-November).
(a). USA
(b). Russia
(c). UAE
(d). Hong Kong
(e). China

Answer: (b). Russia

Q19: Which of the following is NOT the top export item among the following?
(a). Petroleum products
(b). Precious Stones
(c). Drug Formulations & Biologicals
(d). Gold and Other precious metals
(e). FMGC


Q20: From 2006-07 to 2019-20, Affordability of vegetarian Thalis improved by
(a). 29 %.
(b). 18 %
(c). 33%
(d). 44%
(e). 25%

ANSWER: (a). 29 %.

Q21: From 2006-07 to 2019-20, Affordability of non-vegetarian Thalis improved by
(a). 29 %.
(b). 18 %
(c). 33%
(d). 44%
(e). 25%

ANSWER: (a). 18%

Q22: Which of the following are the Key drivers of Rollover Risk of the shadow banking system in India in light of the current liquidity crunch in the sector?
(a). Asset Liability Management (ALM) Risk
(b). Interconnectedness Risk
(c). Financial and Operating Resilience of an NBFC
(d).Over-dependence on short-term wholesale funding
(e). All of the Above

ANSWER: (e). All of the Above

Q23: What is the Rank of India in World Bank Ease of Doing Business 2019?
(a). 63
(b). 69
(c). 55
(d). 22
(e). 88

ANSWER: (b). 69

Q24: India is expected to create 4 crore well-paid jobs by 2025 and — by 2030.
(a). 2 crore
(b). 8 crore
(c). 6 crore
(d). 12 crore
(e). 15 crore

ANSWER: (b). 8 crore

Q25: India is expected to Raise its export market share to about 3.5 % by 2025 and — by 2030.
(a). 2%
(b). 8%
(c). 6%
(d). 12%
(e). 15%

ANSWER: (c). 6%

Q26: According to the Economic Survey 2020, India has unprecedented opportunity to chart a labour-intensive, export trajectory based on the which country’s model?
(a). Japan
(b). South Korea
(c). Iran
(d). China
(e). Germany

ANSWER: (d). China

Q27: With respect to Entrepreneurship and Wealth Creation Survey, New firm formation is the lowest in which part of India?
(a). Northern India
(b). Southern India
(c).Eastern India
(d). Western India
(e). Central India

ANSWER: (c).Eastern India

Q28: What is the Current Account Deficit (CAD) rate in 2019-20?
(a). 1.5 %
(b). 2.1 %
(c). 2.4 %
(d). 2.7 %
(e). 2.8 %

ANSWER: (a). 1.5 %

Q 29: Headline inflation Increased from 3.3 % in H1 of 2019-20 to 7.35 % in December 2019-20 due to –
(a). Increase in Crude oil prices
(b). Increase in food inflation
(c). Decline of Current Account Deficit
(d). Decline of Balance of Payments
(e). None of the Above

ANSWER: (b). increase in food inflation

Q30: What is India’s Foreign reserve as on 10th January, 2020?
(a). US$ 461.2 bn
(b). US$ 421.2 bn
(c). US$ 411.2 bn
(d). US$ 261.2 bn
(e). US$ 231.2 bn

ANSWER: (a). US$ 461.2 bn

Q31: What is the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) inflation in FY 2019-20 as per the Economic Survey?
(a). 1.5%
(b). 2.2%
(c). 3%
(d). 4.4%
(e). None of the Above

ANSWER: (a). 1.5%

Q32: What is the Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation in FY 2019-20 as per the Economic Survey?
(a). 4.1%
(b). 3.7%
(c). 5.5%
(d). 2.3%
(e). 3.7%

ANSWER: (a). 4.1%

Q33: Which is the only bank of India to rank in the Global top 100 list?
(a). PNB
(b). SBI
(c). OBC
(d). HDFC Bank
(e). ICICI Bank


Q34: How much per cent of Bank frauds are reported by the Public Sector Banks?
(a). 12%
(b). 65%
(c). 85%
(d). 88%
(e). 77%

ANSWER: (c). 85%

Q35: What is the turnaround time of ships in India as on 2018-19?
(a). 2.48 days
(b). 2.22 days
(c). 3.34 days
(d). 3.21 days
(e). 2.41 days

ANSWER: (a). 2.48 days

Q36: According to the Economic Survey, What is the percentage growth of GDP India’s GDP growth moderated to in H1 of 2019-20
(a). 3.4 &
(b). 4.6 %
(c). 4.8 %
(d). 4.4 %
(e). 5.5 %

ANSWER: (c). 4.8 %

Q37: What is the India’s BoP position as on September, 2019?
(a). US$ 433.7 bn
(b). US$ 421.2 bn
(c). US$ 411.2 bn
(d). US$ 261.2 bn
(e). US$ 231.2 bn

ANSWER: (a). US$ 433.7 bn

Q38: What does ‘M’ stands for in MTFP?
(a). Medium
(b). Main
(c). Monetary
(d). Money
(e). None of the Above

ANSWER: (a). Medium

Q39: Who is the present Chief Economic Advisor of India?
(a). Raghu Ram Rajan
(b). Ajit Doval
(c). Krishnamurthy V Subramanian
(d). Sunil Arora
(e). Venugopal

Answer: (c). Krishnamurthy V Subramanian

Q40: Where is the Economic Survey presented?
(a). Rajya Sabha
(b). Lok Sabha
(c). Both Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha
(d). Rashtrapati Bhavan
(e). State Legislative Assemblies

ANSWER: (c). Both Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha

Q41: What is the percentage of population that lie between population between 15 and 29 years in India?
(a). 35%
(b). 33%
(c). 40%
(d). 45%
(e). Above 50%

ANSWER: (a). 35%

Q42: The “PMJDY” bank account programme enrolled — no.of beneficiaries
(a). 36 crore
(b). 37.8 crore
(c). 38.5 crore
(d). 35 crore
(e). 33 crore

ANSWER: (b). 37.8 crore

Q43: The P J Nayak Committee is related to?
(a). Electricity
(b). International Relations
(c). Public Sector Banks
(d). Direct Benefit Transfer
(e). 7th pay Commission

ANSWER: (c). Public Sector Banks

Q44: GSTN consists of how many digits?
(a). 10 digits
(b). 12 digits
(c). 15 digits
(d). 11 dights
(e). 17 digits

ANSWER: (c). 15 digits

Q45: Name the index which is used to estimate the financial fragility of the NBFC sector?
(a). Health Score
(b). Revenue Score
(c). Fiscal Score
(d). CIBIL Score
(e). None of the Above

ANSWER: (a). Health Score

Q46: What does ‘M’ stands for in LDMF?
(a). Mutual
(b). Money
(c). Medium
(d). Main
(e). Monetary

ANSWER: (a). Mutual

Q47: What is the ratio of retail loans to the overall loan portfolio of the HFC?
(a). Capital Adequacy Ratio
(b). Short-Term Volatile Capital
(c). Provisioning Policy
(d). Short-term Liquidity
(e). Asset Quality

ANSWER: (e). Asset Quality

Q48: What is the theme of Economic Survey 2019-20?
(a). Sustainable Development
(b). Employment Generation
(c). Wealth Creation
(d). Fostering FDI
(e). None of the above

ANSWER: (c). Wealth Creation

Q49: Which of the following commodity is NOT included under Essential Commodities Act (ECA), 1955?
(a).Raw Jute and jute textiles
(b). Onion
(c). Pulses
(d). Gold
(e). Sugarcane

ANSWER: (d). Gold

Q50: The sum of Tier-I and Tier-II capital held by the Retail-NBFC as a percentage of Risk-Weighted Assets (RWA) is known as?
(a). Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)
(b). Provisioning Policy
(c). Short-term Liquidity
(d). Short-Term Volatile Capital
(e). None of the Above

ANSWER : (a). Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR)

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