English Language Quiz for SBI, IBPS Prelims 2021- 19th March

Directions (1-5): In each of the questions given below a sentence is given with one blank. Below each sentence FOUR words are given out of which two can fit the sentence. Five options are given with various combinations of these words. You must choose the combination with the correct set of words which can fit in the given sentence.

Q1. Psychometric methods were used to collect and ____________ the information.


Q2. The______________ of his argument was that education should continue throughout life.


Q3. They expressed ______________ optimism about a solution to the crisis.


Q4. In my own research, some ________________use was made of a micro-recorder and tapes were later transcribed.


Q5. For hours he did everything to ________________ him, but the old man remained impassive.
(A) Close
(B) blaming
(C) provoke
(D) instigate


Directions (6-10): Which of the following phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold letters to make the sentence grammatically correct? Choose the best option among the five given alternatives that reflect the correct use of phrase in the context of the grammatically correct sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (e) i.e. “No correction required” as the answer.

Q6. Despite of having required ability, he could not succeed.
(a)Despite of being
(b)Despite having
(c)Despite having of
(d)In spite of being
(e)No correction required

Q7. The leader repeatedly mentioned that his mission was not by merely to achieve freedom.
(a)To more achieving
(b)For merely to achieve
(c)Merely to achieve
(d)In order for achieving
(e)No correction required

Q8. The advocate declared in the court that his client has prepared to surrender.
(a)Was prepared to
(b)Has been preparing for
(c)Was prepared at
(d)Has prepared for
(e)No correction required

Q9. Late in the afternoon, feeling exhausted and humiliated, the impetuous warrior withdrew.
(a) felting exhaust and humilate
(b) feeling exhausting and humiliate
(c) feel exhaust and humiliated
(d) feel exhausted with humiliate
(e) No correction required

Q10.There is full justification to close down the units which are neither profitable or serving any social cause.
(a) Which are not profitable or serve.
(b) Which are not profiting nor serving
(c) Which have neither profitable nor serve
(d) Which are neither profitable nor serve
(e) No correction required.

Directions (11-15): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.
Over the last twenty-five years, a different __________ (11) to economics has been slowly birthing, and slowly growing—complexity economics. Complexity economics holds that the economy is not necessarily in equilibrium, that computation as well as mathematics is useful in economics, that increasing as well as ______________(12)returns may be present in an economic situation, and that the economy is not something given and existing but forms from a ______________(13) developing set of institutions, arrangements, and technological ____________(14). The economy is a vast and complicated set of arrangements and actions wherein agents—consumers firms, banks, investors government agencies—buy and sell, speculate, trade, oversee, bring products into being, offer services, invest in companies, strategize, explore, forecast, compete, learn, innovate and __________(15).






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S1.Ans. (a)
Sol. The appropriate words that can be used here are analyse and array. These words also fit according to the context of the sentence.
Analyse means examine (something) methodically and in detail, typically in order to explain and interpret it.
Array means to display or arrange in a particular way.

S2.Ans. (b)
Sol. The most suitable words to be used in a blank are essence and gist.
Essence means to be the most important thing.
Gist means the substance or general meaning of a speech or text.

S3.Ans. (a)
Sol. The most appropriate words to be used here are prudent and cautious. Because here a well-judged optimism is required about a solution to the crisis.
Prudent means acting with or showing care and thought for the future.
Cautious means (of a person) careful to avoid potential problems or dangers.

S4.Ans. (c)
Sol. The words that can be used in the given blank are covert and secretive.
Covert means secret or hidden.
Secretive means (of a person or an organization) inclined to conceal feelings and intentions or not to disclose information

S5.Ans. (b)
Sol. Provoke and instigate are two words which can be used in the given blank.
Provoke means stimulate or give rise to (a reaction or emotion, typically a strong or unwelcome one) in someone.
Instigate means bring about or initiate (an action or event).

S6.Ans. (b)
Sol. Despite having will be used because after ‘Despite’ , ‘of’ is not used, instead direct noun or gerund (V+ing) is used. For example,
Despite his hard work ,he did not succeed.
Despite working hard, he did not succeed.

S7.Ans. (c)
Sol. ‘Merely to achieve’ will be used instead of ‘By merely to achieve’ because after Subject +be(is/are/am/was/were) we use Infinitive so before infinitive ‘by’ preposition or any other preposition is not used like :
(i)She is to buy a car
(ii)She was to open a school
(iii)He was merely to receive the visitors.

S8.Ans. (a)
Sol. ’Has prepared to’ will not be used , instead ‘was prepared to’ will be used because the given sentence is in indirect narration in which reporting verb ‘declared’ is in past tense and because of which reported speech will also be in past tense.

S9.Ans. (e)
Sol. There is no error in the given question.

S10.Ans. (b)
Sol. Nor should be used in place of ‘or’ because we ‘nor’ with ‘neither’.

S11. Ans. (d)
Sol. The appropriate word here to be used is ‘approach’. The sentence implies to say that over the last some years a different outlook to economics has been slowly birthing. Act, restrain, agreement and judgment are inappropriate words to be used here.

S12. Ans. (c)
Sol. The most suitable word to be used here in the blank is ‘diminishing’ which means reducing. This is so because here returns are referred where increasing is already mentioned .Now a comparison is needed which will require to use a word ‘diminishing’. So increasing as well as reducing returns could be present in an economic situation.

S13.Ans. (b)
Sol. The most suitable word to be used here is ‘constantly’. This is so because here it is given that the economy is not something given and existing but forms from a developing set of institutions. Institutions could only be constantly developing and not defectively, worthlessly or disloyally developing. Arranged is not the proper form to be used here. Hence constantly is the word to be used.

S14. Ans. (a)
Sol. Option (a) is the suitable choice to be used here. Innovations means change, altering, a new method, altering. Here a developing set of institutions, arrangements, and technological innovations that are new methods are referred. Reductions, drawings, affirmation and distractions cannot be used with technological as they do not go with the context of the sentence.

S15. Ans. (e)
Sol. Here option (e) is the appropriate answer. As along with other words like strategize, explore, forecast, compete, learn, innovate, the word that can only be used is adapt which goes with the context. Rest all words are not in context. Clash means a violent confrontation.
Annoy means make (someone) a little angry; irritate.

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