English Quiz 18th July- English Quiz for SBI PO 2020

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Directions (1-5): In the questions given below two sentences are given which aregrammatically correct and meaningful. Connect them by the word given below the statements in the best possible way without changing the intended meaning. Choose your answer accordingly from the options which form a correct, coherent sentence.


(I)Covid vaccine progress so far is encouraging.

(II)There are still too many uncertainties that need to be resolved.

(a) As

(b) Only If

(c) Because

(d) But

(e) Even


(I)A women working in Bengaluru was shocked.

(II) She was informed that she was Covid-19 positive.

(a) Provided

(b) Even if

(c) When

(d) Assuming that

(e) Rather than


(I)The clinical laboratories segment held the largest share of the market in 2019.

(II) The market for other end users is estimated to grow at the fastest CAGR during 2020-2027.

(a) Whom

(b) However

(c) Likewise

(d) Otherwise

(e) Until


(I) Today, startups are in an early stage process and in a better position of being future-ready.

(II) The enterprises will have to go through a rigorous grind.

(a) Till

(b) So

(c) While

(d) And

(e) Before


(I) Cole decided to reopen his doors for Memorial Day weekend.

(II) He soon realized how difficult it was to keep his shop afloat.

(a) Though

(b) Until

(c) Besides

(d) Now that

(e) Unless

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