English Quiz 20th July- English Quiz for SBI PO 2020

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Directions (1-5): Given below are a set of phrasal verbs and their meanings. Choose the option that best describes the meaning of the phrasal verb given in bold in the statements below

Q1. For another statement look, plump for these pyramid marbled candles and available in an array of colors, they are hand marbled and shun the classic candle shape.

(a) Order

(b) Choose

(c) Dictate


(e) Cheerful

Q2. Shukla’s work is a reminder that the journalist’s duty is to peel away the layers of ambiguities and versions an event invariably gets encrusted in.


(b) Imitate

(c) Conceive

(d) Foretell

(e) Separate

Q3. Burglars struck at a Shiva temple and made off with the panchaloha idol of the deity at Chittari near Kanhangad.

(a) Ignore

(b) Superb

(c) Leave

(d) Distress

(e) Predict

Q4. Just because all the girls fawn over you doesn’t mean you’re that good-looking.


(b) Difficult

(c) Weaken

(d) Anxious

(e) Praise

Q5. The planet’s shrouded surface has cooled, and this allowed the winds to die down and the fine dust to begin settling.


(b) Enviable

(c)  Liberating

(d) Persist

(e) Unpleasant

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