English Quiz 2nd August- English Quiz for SBI PO 2020

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Direction (1-5): There are two different sentences with a blank space in each question. Choose the word from the given options which fits into both the blanks appropriately adding a proper and logical meaning to the sentences.

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(I)We take risks like having a big boat parade in Gulf Shores with thousands of people to honor Donald Trump, yet another __________ child.

(II)Mali international Marega then picked up the ball and hoofed it away in a _________ display of anger.



(c) Petulant

(d) Wrecked

(e) Forefront


(I)Policy makers in the US will resume contentious talks this week on another round of stimulus that could prove critical to the still _________ recovery of the world’s largest economy.
(II)In ___________ settings, a large proportion of the population has low resilience and coping capacity, and repeated shocks lead to increased food insecurity, malnutrition and morbidity.


(b) Disparity

(c) Inefficacy

(d) Harmonious

(e) Fragile


(I)He said there is a window of opportunity to reverse the environmental _________ caused by many years of neglect.

(II)If you’re not familiar with Axion, it may be because the brand suffered a _________ after its glory days in the 1990s.

(a) Content

(b) Setback

(c)  Haggle

(d) Arrange

(e) Classified


(I)The previous understanding was that the environment largely determines how ________________ inbreeding is.

(II)The Centre has notified all states and union territories that use of N95 featuring valved respirators is ‘__________’ in the fight against spread of COVID-19.

(a) Detrimental


(c) Unforeseen

(d) Quandary

(e) Predictability


(I)Govt imposes import restrictions on colour television, aiming to ________ inbound shipments from China.

(II)Russia is mulling on new ways to _________ the problem of people driving under the influence of alcohol.

(a) Retreat

(b) Benign

(c) Anomic

(d) Curb

(e) Release

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