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English Quizzes For IDBI AM/Executive 2022- 9th June

Directions (1-15): The sentences given below consists of an idiom given in bold. From the given alternatives identify the most suitable option reflecting the meaning of the idiom.

Q1. My business partner and I were on the same wavelength when we first started but now, we have very different ideas about the company

(a) something you never forget how to do
(b) a big fuss about a small problem
(c) agreeing or having the same opinion
(d) begin behaving in an uncontrolled or unacceptable way
(e) stop discussing an issue

Q2. Unfortunately, the results of this new survey really muddy the waters.

(a) to make things more complicated or confusing
(b) hear news of something secret
(c) fail spectacularly
(d) to rudely reply
(e) to take over control of something

Q3. You’ll be in hot water if anyone notices you’re watching movies at work.

(a) a sign of hope
(b) to quickly say something
(c) to be ruined by poor management
(d) to be in a difficult situation for doing something wrong
(e) the easiest possible way

Q4. My secretary pops her chewing gum loudly all day and it absolutely drives me up the wall.

(a) something very likely to happen, occur or take place
(b) to really bother or annoy someone
(c) out of control
(d) trouble is coming
(e) getting a good start is important

Q5. Everyone is walking on eggshells at my firm because the owner is visiting our office this week.

(a) doing something that you had stopped doing for a while
(b) so completely frustrated and upset that you’re unsure what to do
(c) to be extremely careful around someone in order not to upset
(d) help someone with something
(e) doing something poorly in order to save time or money

Q6. Lying creates a vicious circle as you have to keep telling new lies to cover the old ones.

(a) a set of repeating events and factors that negatively affect the next
(b) to make a mistake.
(c) things that are completely different
(d) give away a secret
(e) in great detail or completely

Q7. There are some gently-used ski jackets up for grabs in the staff lounge if you’re interested.

(a) the big issue or the problem people are avoiding
(b) to think about something very hard, or to try to remember something
(c) something that you find very easy to do
(d) to be able to think and handle a situation quickly
(e) possible for anyone to have

Q8. I explained how to operate the machine until I was blue in the face.

(a) to not say something that you want to say
(b) to work/ study late in the night
(c) talking for a very long time
(d) take a risk
(e) to have no knowledge about something

Q9. Unfortunately, politicians sometimes award contracts to companies under the table.

(a) to improve poor or bad behaviour
(b) to carefully think about or consider something
(c) events have momentum and build upon each other
(d) in secret (often doing something illegal)
(e) available and ready to work

Q10. All applicants must have a college degree and at least one year of work experience under their belts to apply for this position.

(a) work better or leave
(b) having the experience of doing something
(c) at the usual and expected standard
(d) when something happens or is successful
(e) make every possible effort

Q11. I hate her lectures because she continually goes off on tangents, which are boring and distracting.

(a) to suddenly do or talk about something completely different
(b) doing many things at a time
(c) to defend someone
(d) to set one’s goals high
(e) to attach a new or different meaning to something

Q12. I’m glad my parents talked some sense into me when I was thinking of spending my savings on a Porsche Carrera.

(a) willing to do something immediately
(b) let off from blame or trouble
(c) overwhelmed by what’s happening at the moment
(d) benefit or suffer as a direct result of past actions
(e) to try to help someone to see a situation more realistically

Q13. After we hired two more employees, we were able to scale up the number of clients we could serve.

(a) to measure in units
(b) to increase or make the size, degree or amount of something larger
(c) to contribute towards a charity
(d) to update the existing business
(e) to decline the existing resources

Q14. It goes without saying that while we are away you should not have parties or invite a lot of friends over to the house.

(a) an unbelievable tale, untrue story
(b) rapidly
(c) obviously
(d) to make peace
(e) to be extremely happy or pleased

Q15. Insurance is expensive but when you’re traveling internationally, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

(a) to doubt the accuracy of information
(b) it is more desirable to be careful then to risk a bad result
(c) to do everything you can to help someone
(d) pretend not to notice
(e) keep eyes on or watch carefully


S1. Ans (c)
Sol. On the same wavelength is a phrase that means people are acting or thinking in accord or agreement.
Hence, option (c) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S2. Ans (a)
Sol. Muddy the waters- make an issue or situation more confused or complicated.
Hence, option (a) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S3. Ans (d)
Sol. Be in hot water- in a difficult situation in which you are likely to be punished.
Hence, option (d) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S4. Ans (b)
Sol. Drive someone up the wall- make someone very irritated or angry.
Hence, option (b) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S5. Ans (c)
Sol. Walk on eggshells- to be overly careful in dealing with a person or situation because they get angry or offended very easily; to try very hard not to upset someone or something.
Hence, option (c) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S6. Ans (a)
Sol. A vicious circle- a chain of events in which the response to one difficulty creates a new problem that aggravates the original difficulty.
Hence, option (a) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S7. Ans (e)
Sol. Up for grabs- available.
Hence, option (e) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S8. Ans (c)
Sol. Blue in the face- exhausted from anger, strain, or other great effort.
Hence, option (c) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S9. Ans (d)
Sol. Anything that happens under-the-table is taking place secretly, like under-the-table payments that are illegal.
Hence, option (d) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S10. Ans (b)
Sol. If you have something under your belt, you have already achieved it or done it.
Hence, option (b) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S11. Ans (a)
Sol. Go off on a tangent- to suddenly start talking or thinking about a completely new subject.
Hence, option (a) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S12. Ans (e)
Sol. Talk some sense into someone- to help someone to think about a situation in a reasonable way.
Hence, option (e) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S13. Ans (b)
Sol. To scale up- to increase something in size, amount, or production.
Hence, option (b) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S14. Ans (c)
Sol. It goes without saying- used to mean that something is obvious.
Hence, option (c) becomes the most viable answer choice.

S15. Ans (b)
Sol. Better to be safe than sorry- it’s wiser to be cautious and careful than to be hasty or rash and so do something you may later regret.
Hence, option (b) becomes the most viable answer choice.

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