IBPS Clerk Mains Expected Questions: Practice To Ensure Selection

IBPS Clerk Mains Expected Questions: Expected questions help aspirants in getting the clear picture of the exam. As the examination is going to be held on 19th January students must be eager to know what they can expect in the upcoming IBPS Clerk Mains examination.This article is dedicated to the detailed discussion on the most expected questions for IBPS Clerk Mains.

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IBPS is all set to conduct IBPS Clerk Mains Exam on 19 January 2020. Only few days are left for the exam and students going to appear for the IBPS Clerk Mains exam must be preparing themselves for facing the competition. IBPS Clerk exam is on heat now a days. Student must be searching for the IBPS Clerk Mains Expexted Topics that can provide them assured success. Don’t panic as we are here to help you in forming a ladder to your success.

IBPS Clerk Mains will have four sections namely, Reasoning, Quant, English and GA where each and every section together can help you reach your destination. There is negative marking in IBPS Clerk exam so students should keep a check on the marked answers. There will be a total of 190 questions to be completed in 160 minutes. Banking exams whether IBPS or SBI are known to set the benchmark for the aspirants by raising the difficulty level. You can also check IBPS Clerk Mains strategy.

The Most Important Expected Questions For IBPS Clerk Mains

What could be more betterĀ  than knowing the expected questions for IBPS Clerk Mains exam. Well students one must learn from the past experiences to get the idea about the upcoming. You may sometimes find similar question types in the exam from the past examination. So today, in this article we will discuss what you can expect in IBPS Clerk mains exam on the basis of the SBI PO/Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS RRB PO/Clerk exam analysis

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In the year 2019, SBI introduced major changes in the specifically in the quant section by adding a new type of Funnel DI in the exam. let us compare the PO Mains and Clerk Mains exam analysis of various exam to get the idea about the expected questions and format for IBPS Clerk Mains.

Subjects SBI PO Mains 2019 (Difficult) SBI Clerk Mains(Moderate-Difficult)
Reasoning Ability New pattern coding decoding was asked. Exam was very difficult Exam was difficult and lengthy
Quantitative Aptitude A new type of DI was introduced i.e Funnel type DI was very calculative and difficult
English Language Maximum number of questions were asked from RC Many changes were introduced in this section. Check here
General Knowledge Current affairs of last six months were asked. Current affairs of last six months were asked.
Conclusion Overall the exam was difficult and lengthy, Major changes were made in Quant section only. Major changes in English section were observed and overall exam was difficult.

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To check the detailed SBI PO analysis click here

To check the detailed SBI Clerk analysis click here

Now let us discuss the IBPS RRB PO Mains and IBPS RRB Clerk Mains analysis to get the expected questions idea for IBPS Clerk Mains exam.

Subjects IBPS RRB PO Mains 2019 (Difficult) IBPS RRB Clerk Mains (Moderate-Difficult)
Reasoning Ability Some questions were tricky and difficult Reasoning was easy in comparison to quant.
Quantitative Aptitude Some questions were tricky and difficult DI was difficult
English Language It was easy-moderate and no new changes were observed. English was easy and doable.
General Knowledge CA and Static both parts were asked. CA of last 3-4 months Question on CA were more than static part.
Conclusion Apart from Quant and reasoning, paper was easy. Apart from Quant and reasoning, paper was easy.

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Click here for IBPS RRB Clerk Mains detailed analysis

Recently IBPS PO Mains exam was difficult and according to the reviews given by the students who appeared for it, exam was very difficult and some changes were made in the exam. Let us have a look at the review.

IBPS PO Mains: Exam was very difficult and lengthy

If we consider the IBPS PO Mains exam, we can conjectured that students have to be extra smart to face and tackle the unexpected changes. English section was comprised by the major changes and was difficult. Quant was difficult and lengthy the whole section was equipped with the questions based Data Interpretation and analysis. Reasoning section was very difficult and lengthy. Students could not find time to pick out which questions they should attempt and which one to skip. GA was a bit relaxing for students as compare to other sections. CA of last three months were asked with major focus on the October and November month.

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What to expect for IBPS Clerk based on SBI, IBPS and IBPS RRB Mains exam analysis?

From the points discussed above, we can presume the level of the exam to be moderate to difficult and lengthy. As competition has increased rapidly in the past few years students need to be a step ahead of their preparation. Students can expect few major changes in the English and quant section as IBPS is also known to follow the footprints of SBI. Reasoning section may remain difficult to lengthy due to complex puzzles. revise the most important topics for IBPS Clerk mains for each section and prepare your mind for the upcoming unexpected challenges that you may face in the IBPS Clerk exam this year.

Keeping in mind the past banking examination, aspirants need to practice even the complex question when it comes to reasoning and quant section. Most scoring yet tricky questions are asked from these sections only.

Check section-wise detailed expected questions analysis for IBPS Clerk Mains

Subjects SBI PO/Clerk IBPS RRB PO/Clerk IBPS PO
Quantitative Aptitude 3 set of DI one was based on tabular + pie chart, 7 questions from wrong number series out of which some questions were different, new type of DI in SBI PO mains was introduced (Funnel type) and miscellaneous 4 DI’s, questions on QI &Q2 and miscellaneous part There were total 7 different DI and only one questions was asked from wrong series
Reasoning Ability 6 different puzzles, coded inequality, direction sense, machine input-output, logical and miscellaneous 4 set of puzzles, inequality, syllogism, machine input-output, logical reasoning direction sense A total of 5 puzzles, and questions on blood relation,machine input-output,inequality, direction sense etc were asked.
English Language RC, different types of fillers were asked,Passage including 2 inference based question and 3 fillers, Passage with word replacement and inference based questions and Behavior-inference based questions 2 RC, error detection, cloze test, word usage, match the column and sentence rearrangement Total of 3 RC, new pattern sentence rearrangement, word rearrangement, error detection and new pattern cloze test
General Awareness Current affairs of last 5-6 months. Banking awareness and questions on budget. Current of 3-4 months, banking awareness questions. Current affairs of last three months, majorly Oct-Nov.

So students the time is high, utilize it. Keep an eagle eye on your goal and make every possible effort to sail through IBPS Clerk Mains this time.

All The Best!

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