Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 17 July -Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for IBPS RRB Prelims 2020

The Quantitative Aptitude being the scoring part can enhance your performance as a whole. All you need to do is clear your basics and be aware of the syllabus of the particular exam you are preparing for. Start your preparation and crack the IBPS RRB Prelims 2020 with the study plan and daily quantitative aptitude quizzes provide on bankersadda and adda247 app. 17th July 2020 IBPS RRB Prelims Quiz Based on- Data Sufficiency and Approximation..


Directions (1-5):The following questions are accompanied by three statements A, B and C. You have to determine which statement(s) is/are necessary/sufficient to answer the question.

Q1. What will be the average of three numbers?

A. The largest number is greater than the smallest by 20.

B. The sum of the largest and smallest number is equal to twice the middle one.

C. The difference of the first two numbers is 10.

(a) Only A and C together

(b) Only B and C together

(c) Any two of them

(d) Question can’t be answered even after using all the statements

(e) All statements are required

Q2. What is the cost price of a table?

A. By selling the table at Rs. 600 instead of Rs. 500, loss per cent decreases by 10%.

B. When the cost price of the table increases by 10% and then decreases by 10%, it reduces by Rs. 10.

C.By selling the table and a chair for Rs. 1500 a net profit of 25% is made.

(a) Only A or B alone

(b) Only B or C alone

(c) Only A and C together

(d) Any two of them together

(e) Either B alone or A and C together are sufficient

Q3. A bag contains balls of three different colours i.e., red, yellow and green. 3 balls are drawn randomly. What is the probability that the balls drawn are of three different colours?

A. The no. of yellow balls is two more than the no. of red balls.

B. The sum of the no. of yellow and green balls is three times the no. of red balls.

C. The ratio of the no. of red balls to that of green balls is 3 : 4.

(a) A and either B or C

(b) Any two of them

(c) Only A and C together

(d) Question can’t be answered even after using all the information

(e) All statements are required

Q4. A boat takes 2 hours to travel from point A to B in still water. To find out speed in upstream, which of the following information is/are required?

A. Distance between point A and B.

B. Time taken to travel downstream from B to A.

C. Speed of the stream of water.

(a) All are required

(b) Any one pair from A and B, B and C or C and A is sufficient.

(c) Only A and B

(d) Only A and C

(e) None of these

Q5. What is the perimeter of a rectangular garden?

I. The area of the garden is 2400 sq.metres.

II. The diagonal of the garden is 50 metres.

III. The ratio between the length and the breadth of the garden is 3 : 2.

(a) All I, II and III together are required

(b) Any two of I, II and III are sufficient

(c) Only I and II are required

(d) Only II and III are required

(e) None of these

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