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Identify Depression – How it can affect students?

Depression has suddenly become a very common problem over the last few years. World Health Organization states that as many as 264 million people are affected by Depression across the world currently. Among this, around 8, 00,000 people commit suicide each year after that have lost their battle to depression. One of the most concerning points here is that out of these affected people who commit suicide each year, the majority of them belong to the age group of 15 years to 30 years old. The Indian Film Industry lost its one of the most talented and versatile actor Sushant Singh Rajput to Depression recently, who was just 34 years old. 

Depression is not just a mood wing from which a person can simply swap out in a few days. Hence, it is important that the person seeks proper help to come out of the situation. In the case of students, it is important for the parents to have a close check at their behavior to diagnose any early signs of Depression. 

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What leads to Depression?

Teenagers, especially those who have just stepped from High School to College are most vulnerable in terms of their feelings and hence are prone to situations such as Depression. There can be a number of reasons that may have led a student to such a situation. 

  • A number of times academic or exam related stress can also lead to depression among students. 
  • Lack of confidence in students is another reason. This can happen due to a number of factors such as body shaming done by others, feeling inferiors in front of others, and so on. 
  • Issues in personal life also can be one of the cause
  • Social media and online crime is another big factor today.

It is always advised to seek help from a professional who can diagnose you and help you overcome depression and anxiety. Do not self-diagnose yourself or go with the hear-say of other, always visit a professional for such issues.

Early Signs and Symptoms of Depression

It is the responsibility of the parents to stay alert and check out any symptoms that may lead the student to Depression in the future. Here are some of the symptoms that should not be ignored. 

  • The very first symptom of Depression is of being frustrated and irritated very fast and quite often. The child may also have an outburst of anger and tear at just petty issues. You can feel that they remain sad or lost most of the time.
  • People who are moving towards depression lose interest in activities that they loved once upon a time. These can be their favorite hobbies or even something that they always cherished before. 
  • Changes in their lifestyle such as loss of appetite or not being able to sleep at night are also some of the common symptoms of Depression. 
  • If a bright student has suddenly started getting negative remarks in academics, parents should listen to this symptom of Depression in place of scolding the him or her. 
  • Depression can also lead to different physical problems such as headaches, or pain in other parts of the body, loss in weight, and so on. 
  • If a person is having difficulty in thinking of focusing, this can be again one of the most common symptoms of depression that should not be ignored. 

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Most of the people ignore these early symptoms of Depression that leads to further problems such taking a step towards suicidal thoughts. Also, many of the parents blame the student continuously for having negative remarks in academics or for behaving in a bad way. Not understanding the main reason and blaming the kid also leads them to suicidal situations. 

When the early symptoms of Depression are noticed, parents should try to talk to the child and should try to understand the cause. Most of the time, talking and figuring out the situation help in a huge way. In other cases, taking help from the experts should be the immediate action taken. The experts make use of different techniques such as medication, psychotherapy, counseling, neuromodulation, and many others that can help the student come up with a situation of Depression soon. 

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