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IS JAIIB REALLY THAT DIFFICULT TO CRACK?: IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking & Finance) conducts the JAIIB exam twice every year. But due to Pandemic JAIIB, May 2021 Exam was Postponed and is now scheduled for August.

The exam dates that have been finalized as of now are:


28-08-2021 ONLINE – Will be given in the admit Letter Principles & Practices of Banking
29-08-2021 ONLINE – Will be given in the admit Letter Accounting & Finance for Bankers
05-09-2021 ONLINE – Will be given in the admit Letter Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking

JAIIB has 3 Sections: PPB, AFB, LRB

What do JAIIB Aspirants think about these 3 subjects? 

PPB: Easiest but Trickiest Section

AFB: Difficult Section

LRB: Conceptual but too much mugging up required in ACT

Yes, most of the Aspirants think in this direction and lose hope on JAIIB, but JAIIB is not difficult to qualify or I should say JAIIB is the exam in which Aspirants can Score more than 70% easily. 


First of all, you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses, from the syllabus. Knowing the syllabus and doing proper analysis is key to starting any preparation. 

So, let’s break down the Exam according to its pattern:


.5 Marks 70 Question 70 Question 70 Question
1 Marks 35 Questions 35 Questions 35 Questions
2 Marks 15 Questions (Case Studies) 15 Questions (Case Studies) 15 Questions (Case Studies)

It is evident from the pattern, 30% of the paper(from each subject) is from CASE STUDY. So, these 30 marks is quite achievable by attempting the section using the right approach. If you become good at the case study part by practicing and analyzing through mocks then you can easily achieve 30 marks out of 100 which will bring you one step closer to cracking the exam. 


So, what do you need to do to qualify for your dream exam? How will you attempt the other 2 sections confidently?

For the other 2 Sections, You need to be diligent with your preparation. Revising the syllabus and practicing through the MOCK TEST SERIES will bring certainty in not only clearing the exam but to score well in it.


Now that you have secured 30 marks, what remains is strengthening your remaining sections worth 40 more marks. For that, you can refer to our guide of most important

Topics in JAIIB that you should not miss at all.

Day PPB (1 hour/day) AFB (1.5 hours/day) LRB (1hour/day)
1 Priority Sector Advances Time Value of Money (Theory) Laws relating to Securities & Modes of Charging Part 1
2 Non-Performing Asset Time Value of Money (Numerical) Laws relating to Securities & Modes of Charging Part 2
3 Different mode of Charging Securities Bond – YTM (Theory) Letter of Credit
4 Payment & Collection of Cheque Bond – YTM (Numerical) Bank Guarantee
5 Consumer Protection Act Depreciation (very imp) Deferred Payment Guarantees
6 Ombudsman Scheme Capital Budgeting (Theory) Various types of Securities
7 AML/KYC Capital Budgeting (Numerical) Different types of borrowers
8 Agriculture Finance Forex ( cross rate, forward rate) Indemnities
9 MSME Ratio ( Liquidity & Solvency) Types of credit facilities
10 Finance Literacy Ratio ( Activity & Profitability) Sarfaesi
11 Ancillary Services Company Accounts – Theory  Banking Ombudsman Scheme
12 Cash Operations Company Accounts – Questions  Consumer Protection Act
13 Financial Inclusion  Bank Reconciliation Statement  Negotiable Instrument Act
14 Indian Financial System 100 Questions from Module B  Debt Recovery Tribunal 
15 Banking Regulation 100 Questions from Module B  Bankers book evidence Act
16 CIBIL 100 Questions from Module B  Companies Act
17 Role of Money Market  100 Questions from Module D Indian Partnership Act
18 Mutual Funds & Insurance Companies 100 Questions from Module D Prevention of Money Laundering Act
19 Role and function of Capital Market & SEBI Mock Test  Control over Organisation of Banks
20 Recent Development in financial System Mock Test  RTI & Obligation of Public Authorities

Preparing these topics in the final days of your preparation should bring in enough confidence in you to gain another 40 marks easily on top of the 30 marks that you’ve gained using Case Studies alone.

This entire preparation plan should get you equipped with more than 70-80 marks worth of preparation for the JAIIB Aug examination. JAIIB is not that difficult to crack. What’s needed is smart work, grip on Case Studies & lots of practice on them.

Here’s Adda247 wishing you Good Luck for the examination!

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