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JAIIB PPB Exam Analysis 2022, Shift 1 & 2, 11th June Exam Review

JAIIB PPB Exam Analysis 2022: JAIIB Exam 2022 for the June Session has been successfully conducted for the PPB and AFB papers on 11th June and 12th June respectively. Candidates who have appeared must check the exam analysis on the Official Youtube channel of Officersadda247. Candidates wait eagerly for the exam analysis to get an overview of the JAIIB Exam for all three papers. To understand the Exam trend and the pattern of questions being asked complete analysis will be very beneficial for the candidates.

JAIIB PPB Exam Analysis 2022

The JAIIB PPB Exam analysis will also be helpful for the candidates who are preparing for the examination and wish to attempt in future. Candidates after appearing in the JAIIB examination can also check the exam analysis on the official Youtube channel OfficersAdda247. The JAIIB Exam analysis for the PPB paper was held on 11th June 2022 at 11:00 AM and 04:00 PM. The analysis of the JAIIB PPB will include:

  • The overall difficulty level of the exam
  • Topic-wise analysis of the exam
  • Average attempts by the aspirants
  • Most asked topics  in the examination

JAIIB PPB Shift 1 Exam Analysis 2022

JAIIB Exam 2022 of PPB has been conducted successfully for the 1st shift on 11th June 2022. Candidates have given a good response and overall toughness level of the exam was moderate.

Topics No of Questions
Numerical Questions 3-4
IT 5-8
CRR, SLR 4-5
Working Capital 2-3
NPA Provisions 3
Factoring and Forfeiting 3

Some of the questions asked in the 1st Shift of JAIIB PPB Exam 2022 are:

  1. Accounting Standard AS18 – Related Party Disclosures
  2. Transfer of goods comes under which act – The Sale of Goods Act, 1930
  3. In MMID how many digit number are there- 7 Digits
  4. Hypothecation defined in which act – Section 2(n) of SARFAESI ACT, 2002
  5. REER FULL FORM – Real Effective Exchange Rate
  6. Members of monetary policy committee – 6 members
  7. Money market transfer of funds between banks & …..
  8. LC calculation
  9. Turnover method calculator
  10. Credit period letter of credit
  11. Priority sector lending
  12. ANBC- Adjusted Net Bank Credit
  13. Ethics
  14. Marketing channels
  15. Money markets
  16. Agri provisions based question
  17. Joint Account operations
  18. Cash Credit technical quotation
  19. Crossing of Cheque
  20. Questions from Pledge, lien, assignment diff
  21. Provision for standard asset
  22. Either/survivor question
  23. Universal banking
  24. Regarding CoD
  25. Primary monetary control tools- reserve requirement, open market operations, discount rate, interest on excess reserves.
  26. LCR definition
  27. Question regarding pawnor and pawnee
  28. Restrictive endorsement like pay Harish only
  29. Proximate clause like insurance done for flood but loss happened due to pipe leakage
  30. Bailment of goods
  31. Match the following of appropriation pledge
  33. White label ATM- ATMs which are set up, owned and operated by non banking entities.
  34. RRB Opened for the purpose of
  35. Mandate
  36. POA
  37. Integrated Banking Ombudsman Scheme
  38. Negotiable instruments
  39. Call rate
  40. Case studies on joint accounts
  41. Capital ratio
  42. Marketing mix
  43. MKIS- Marketing Information System
  44. Business ethics and values
  45. Personal ethics

JAIIB Exam Analysis 2022, Shift 1 & 2, 11th June Exam Review in Hindi

JAIIB PPB Shift 1 Exam Analysis 2022 Video Link:

JAIIB PPB Shift 2 Exam Analysis 2022

JAIIB PPB Exam 2022 was held on 11th June 2022 and many of the candidates have qualified their JAIIB PPB Paper. The overall difficulty level of the exam was Tough. Some of the important topics from which questions were asked in the JAIIB PPB Exam 2022  are:

  1. Special Mention Account(SMA)
  2. Factoring and Forfeiting
  3. Personal Ethics
  4. Business Ethics and Values
  5. MKIS(Marketing Information System)
  6. Capital Ratio
  7. Marketing Mix
  8. Joint Accounts-Case Study
  9. Bailment
  10. Call Rate
  11. Negotiable Instrument- Section 18
  12. Power of Attorney
  13. Brown Label ATM
  14. Mandate
  15. Ombudsman
  16. REER
  17. TREDS(2 Questions)
  18. Artificial Intelligence
  19. Cash Management System
  20. Tier-1 Capital
  21. Smart Card
  22. MMID
  23. NPA Provisioning
  24. CGTMSE
  25. SHG
  26. Priority Sector Lending

JAIIB PPB Shift 2 Exam Analysis 2022 Video Link:


FAQs: JAIIB PPB Exam Analysis 2022

Q.1 What was the level of the JAIIB PPB Exam 2022?

Ans. The level of the JAIIB PPB Exam 2022 was tough.

Q.2 What is the passing marks for JAIIB PPB Exam 2022?

Ans.  The passing marks for the JAIIB PPB Exam 2022 is 50. In the first attempt if an aspirant gets less than 50 then to clear JAIIB Exam the overall aggregate should be 150.

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