Jim Corbett National Park: India’s 1st quarantine facility for animals

India’s oldest National Park, Jim Corbett National Park becomes India’s 1st quarantine facility for animals with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). The Park has built isolation wards for animals. According to the Authority of the park, at least 10 quarantine centres are being prepared within the premises to contain animals. The cameras installed in the vicinity of the national park will record the cold and cough symptoms of animals.

Jim Corbett’s Wildlife Medical Officer, Dr Dushyant has stated that there’s less risk of animals, especially like tigers are becoming infected in forest areas. If the animals who live near the human population come into contact with an infected person or thing, then there is the possibility to get infected too.

To mitigate the spread of the virus from humans to tigers, National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), has recently issued a direction that all authorities coming in contact with tigers and elephants should be tested for the virus.

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History of Jim corbett National Park:

The Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India and was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park by Edward James Jim Corbett. The aim of forming this park was to guard the endangered Bengal TigerIt had been set up by British but after independence, it had been renamed as the Ramganga park and a year later in 1955-56 it had been renamed to Corbett park as it is known today.

The Corbett National Park has become a secure heaven for animals like the Asian Elephant, Horned Rhinoceros alongside the tiger. The park located between picturesque mountains, valleys, rivers and lush green forests, it’s a perfect tourist spot that teaches people to fall crazy with nature.

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Who was Edward James Jim Corbett?

Edward James Corbett was born in 25th July, 1875 in Nainital districts of Uttarakhand. He lived his life in dense jungle and developed a deep knowledge of the way. He spent his major part of life at Gurney House (located in Nainital) together with his family, his mother named Mary Jane Corbett and his sister Margaret Winfred Corbett, fondly called Maggie live together. His father, who was postmaster in Nainital died when Corbett was four.

Soon after an early age, Corbett has got to face with the responsibility of supporting his family.  So he took up employment with the railways. He was also an Nature conservationist and played a key role within the establishment of present Jim Corbett National Park. He led a confirmed bachelor life and remained a lively member of the many wildlife preservation organizations and helped in conserving these natural resources.

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