LIC AAO & SBI PO 2019 Interview Tips On Disposition

LIC AAO 2019 & SBI PO 2019: Tips On Disposition

Like the attire of the candidate, disposition also matters. How you behave, your facial expression, the way you walk, sit and stand interviewer notices everything. They notice you from toe to head. So you need to purify each and every step you take during the interview round as it can costs you lose your job. In our last article, we discussed the tips on grooming. What should be the attire of the candidate for appearing in the interview round? To continue with our interview plan provided, today we will be discussing the Tips on disposition. We hope all the candidates who are going to appear for LIC AAO 2019 and SBI PO 2019 final phase, must be looking for all the basic tips they should follow before appearing for it. So adda247 is here to give you the helping hand for the same.

Tips On disposition
  • Enter the room with the smiling face and greet all of them good morning/Good noon.
  • Do not sit until they ask you to sit.
  • Try not to put your hands on the table. Keep your body straight and your hands on your lap.
  • Do not smile too much or don’t be very serious. Don’t put your hands-on you head pretending like you are nervous or trying to recall something. 
  • Make eye contact with the interviewer, If you are answering the question. Make sure you maintain the eye contact, with everyone present over there.
  • don’t interrupt while the interviewer is speaking. Listen to their question very carefully.
  • Try not to stammer and don’t look puzzled.
  • Think before you speak.