List of Coronavirus-free (COVID-19) free states in India

India is taking every step towards controlling the coronavirus pandemic and a sight of relief 4 states in the country become corona free as they have 0 active case of COVID-19.

Goa and 3 more states become coronavirus-free: The pandemic COVID-19 is spreading out quite fast in the Indian states even after strict measures being taken. The infection has brought Italy on its knees and many other countries across the world are struggling hard to bring it under control. As on 27 April, there have been a total of 28,063 cases of coronavirus infection in India and the number is growing day by day. Goa, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura have become free of coronavirus infection, as they now have 0 active case of COVID-19 in their states.

In this respect, the steps being taken by the Indian Government are praised as this may not have completely controlled the spread but have surely kept the pace under control. 

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Though the number of cases is continuously increasing devastatingly in states such as Maharashtra and Gujarat, there are other regions also where the situation has improved. 

Cases in Goa

Goa was reported with seven cases of COVID-19 with the seventh case being detected on 3rd April. The medical administration took fast action and as a result, all the seven cases are now cured and they have been set free to go home. Right now, there are no positive cases of coronavirus in Goa. To keep the situation under control and bring in no more cases, there are a few steps being taken such as sealing borders and conducting rapid checking and testing. 

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Manipur, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh become coronavirus-free

The first positive case of Manipur was detected on 6th April who has now recovered and is all free to go home. There was another suspect in Manipur who has now come up with negative in the testing results. Hence, there are no more new cases in the state now. 

There were 111 suspects in Tripura who were under surveillance and 227 other people who were quarantined at their homes only. But now there are only 91 suspects who are under surveillance in medical institutions while there are no new cases now in the state. 

Arunachal Pradesh also became coronavirus free as the Chief Minister Pema Khandu in a tweet stated that “the first positive #COVID 19 case of Arunachal Pradesh has tested negative (twice) after conducting 3rd and 4th test consecutively. The number of positive case in state is now zero.”

Coronavirus Cases In India: Statewise Report and Coronavirus Helpline Number

Coronavirus Threat is Still There

Though the states are free from coronavirus patients now, they are still continuing to take appropriate measures similar to Goa. The government offices are having 50% attendance on an alternate basis and are having strict scrutiny on their borders. The lockdown that is there in the entire country is also being religiously maintained in these states of Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, and Tripura too even when they have controlled the cases. 

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Coronavirus Cases Reported in India- 27 April



Andaman and Nicobar Islands
33 22 11
Andhra Pradesh
1,177 911 235 31
Arunachal Pradesh
1 1

36 8 27 1
290 232 56 2
36 19 17
37 5 32
2,918 1,987 877 54
7 7
3,301 2,837 313 151

296 94 199 3
Himachal Pradesh

40 16 22 2
Jammu and Kashmir
523 380 137 6
83 67 13 3
503 302 182 19

469 123 342 4
20 4 16
Madhya Pradesh
2,090 1,685 302 103
8,068 6,538 1,188 342
2 2
12 11 1
1 1
108 72 35 1
8 4 4
322 220 84 18
2,221 1,548 629 44
Tamil Nadu
1,885 841 1,020 24
1,001 660 316 25
2 2
Uttar Pradesh
1,873 1,516 327 30
51 25 26
West Bengal

649 524 105 20
28,063 20,652 6,527 884

The situation is grave even when some of the states are recovering. It is still quite alarming to see how cases are getting inflated in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Lately, a high number of cases are also detected in West Bengal and Bihar and hence it is important to take steps to combat the situation. Meanwhile, seeing states with zero new cases now, people are having hopes that the country will be able to control the situation quite soon. 

The Government of India has extended the lockdown period till 3rd May and is offering rules such as of the work from home, online delivery of essentials, and others that are surely worth praising. But it is also the responsibility of the citizens to follow the set parameters properly so that the virus can be defeated soon and things can come back to normal once again. 

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