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National Maritime Day 2023, Date, Theme & History

National Maritime Day 2023

As we celebrate the 60th National Maritime Day 2023 on 5 April 2023. Let’s come together to celebrate the rich traditional and maritime history that India has. National Maritime Day 2023 is celebrated to recognize the importance of maritime trade, maritime defense, and maritime resources in the growth of India. India has a sea coastline of 75000 km approx. The Indian Ocean is the only ocean in the world that is named after a country. The economic, strategic, and cultural policies of India are always influenced by its unique marine geography.  The article below has all information on the National Maritime Day 2023, its history, theme, etc.

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National Maritime Day 2023 History

Though the maritime tradition in India dates back centuries but if we look at history through the prism of modern times, one significant event marked the entry of India into the maritime trade domain. It was on  5 April 1919 that SS Loyalty, a ship made by the Scindia Steam Navigation Company Limited, sailed to the United Kingdom.  Though India always had rich maritime trade with the world but after two decades of subjugation, crippling trade regimes, and the most restrictive laws and policies on the designs of ships. The sailing of SS Loyalty an Indian ship to the British Port reasserted the Maritime tradition and hegemony that India once had in the maritime domain. National Maritime Day even to this day is an assertion of Indian legacy in the maritime sphere and at the same time recognizes the crucial role oceans play in the Indian economy and defense.

On this National Maritime Day 2023 let us appreciate the fact that maritime trade in India is as old as the Indus Valley Civilisation. Harrapan ships are believed to have sailed to and fro across the Arabian Sea to Mesopotamian cities. In later phases, the maritime trade from India was extended to Greeks and the Egyptian Empire.  The Satvahana maritime trade with the Greeks is a special mention. The kingdom of south – Chola, Chera, and Pandya thrived due to profitable maritime trade with the Western world and China.

The Chola empire is especially notable for Naval Power and the influences it had on nearby kingdoms. The presence of Indian culture in South East Asia is due to the Chola exploits in Cambodia and nearby areas.

In more recent medieval history likes of Shivaji Maharaj maintained a strong navy. The maritime trade was especially important for Mughal empires and regional states.

Today India is at a major maritime route; with access to choke points or strategic passes in form of the Suze Canal and Strait of Malacca. India’s 80 trade by volume happens via sea, the Indian Navy is a regional security provider in the Indian Ocean and western Pacific. India is also one of the largest fishery producers and India’s ocean Sea Bed has resources in form of polymetallic nodules.

National Maritime Day 2023  Theme

The theme for National Maritime Day 2023 is not yet announced. The theme of National Maritime Day 2022 was  “Sustainable Shipping beyond Covid-19.”

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When is the National Maritime Day 2023?

The 5 April 2023 is celebrated as the National Maritime day.

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