Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For Bank Mains Exams 2021- 5th February

Q1. A and B together can complete a job in 8 days. Both B and C, working alone can finish the same job in 12 days, A and B commence work on the job, and work for 4 days, where upon A leaves, B continues for 2 more days, and then he leaves too, C now starts working, and finishes the job. For how many days C worked?
(a) 5 days
(b) 8 days
(c) 3 days
(d) 4 days
(e) None of these

Q2. A river is flowing with a steady speed of 4 km/h. One rows his boat downstream in the river and then returns by rowing upstream in the same river. When he returns to the starting point, the total distance covered by him is 42 km. If the return journey takes 2 h more than his outward journey, then the speed of his rowing in still water must be
(a) 12 km/h
(b) 10 km/h
(c) 9 km/h
(d) 8 km/h
(e) None of these

Q3. The difference between the compound and the simple interest on a sum for 2 years at 10% per annum, when the interest is compounded annually, is Rs. 28. If the yearly interest were compounded half-yearly, the difference in the two interests will be :
(a) Rs. 44
(b) Rs. 28.35
(c) Rs. 43.41
(d) Rs. 41.29
(e) Rs. 38.33

Q4. When the price of sugar was increased by 20%, a family reduced its consumption in such a way that the expenditure on sugar is only increased by 15%. If 24 kg were consumed per month before the increase in price, find the new monthly consumption.
(a) 22 kg
(b) 23 kg
(c) 23.5 kg
(d) 22.5 kg
(e) None of these

Q5. In two alloys, copper and zinc are present in the ratios of 4:1 and 1:3. 10 kg of 1st alloy, 16 kg of 2nd alloy and some of pure copper are melted togther. An alloy was obtained in which the ratio of copper to zinc was 3:2. Find the weight of the new alloy.
(a) 34 kg
(b) 35 kg
(c) 36 kg
(d) 30 kg
(e) None of these

Q6. The average age of a group of six children is 15 years. From the group, two children, whose ages were 3 years more and 5 years more than the average age, left. 4 new children, whose average age is 4 years more than the given average age, join the group. Find the new average age.
(a) 15 years
(b) 16 years
(c) 17 years
(d) 18 years
(e) 12 years

Q7. A person sets to cover a distance of 12 km in 45 min. If he covers 3/4of the distance in 2/3rd time. What should be his speed to cover the remaining distance in the remaining time?
(a) 16 km/hr
(b) 18 km/h
(c) 12 km/h
(d) 14 km/h
(e) None of these

Q9. A garment company declared 17% discount for wholesale buyers. Mr Sameer , a wholeseller bought garments from the company for Rs. 1660 after getting discount. He fixed up the selling price of garments in such a way that he earned a profit of 7% on original company price. What is the selling price ?
(a) Rs. 2130
(b) Rs. 2140
(c) Rs. 2410
(d) Rs. 2310
(e) None of these

Q10. Sharabi Chand purchased two different kinds of alcohol. In the first mixture the ratio of alcohol to water is 3 : 4 and in the second mixture it is 5 : 6. If he mixes the two given mixtures and makes a third mixture of 18 litres in which the ratio of alcohol to water is 4 : 5. The quantity of first mixture (whose ratio is 3 : 4) is required to make the 18 litres of the third kind of mixture is :
(a) 6
(b) 7
(c) 8
(d) 9
(e) None of these

Q11. Anshul deposited two parts of a sum of Rs. 25000 in different banks at the rates of 15% per annum and 18% per annum respectively. In one year he got Rs. 4050 as the total interest. What was the amount deposited at the rate of 18% per annum?
(a) Rs. 9000
(b) Rs. 18000
(c) Rs. 15000
(d) Rs. 10000
(e) None of these

Q12. A watch dealer usually sells watches for Rs.2350 per watch. Once he gave two successive discounts of 15% and 25% while selling a watch to a customer. But he charged an additional 8% on the net sale price from the customer. By what percent is the new selling price less than the original selling price?
(a) 28.45%
(b) 29.25%
(c) 30.45%
(d) 31.15%
(e) None of these

Q13. P and Q started a business by investing Rs. 45,000 and Rs.54,000 respectively. After four months R joined the business with a capital of Rs. 30,000. After two more months Q left the business with his capital. At the end of the year P got a share of Rs. 13,500 in the profit. What is the total profit earned?
(a) Rs 26800
(b) Rs 27600
(c) Rs 28600
(d) Rs 29200
(e) None of these

Q14. Two pipes A and B can fill a cistern in 15 hours and 10 hours respectively. A tap can empty the full cistern in 30 hours. All the three taps were open for 2 hours, when it was remembered that the emptying tap had been left open. It was then closed. How many hours more would it take for the cistern to be filled ?
(a) 4hr 30 min.
(b) 4hr 12 min.
(c) 4 hr24 min.
(d) 4hr 35 min.
(e) None of these

Q15. There are five boxes. The weight of the first box is 200 kg and the weight of the second box is 20% higher than the weight of the third box, whose weight is 25% higher than the first box’s weight. The fourth box at 350 kg is 30% lighter than the fifth box. Find the difference in the average weight of the four heaviest boxes and the four lightest boxes.
(a) 72.5 kg
(b) 75 kg
(c) 36.4 kg
(d) 32 kg
(e) 67.5 Kg

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