Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for Prelims Exams- SBI & IBPS 2020- 28th November

Q1. Vikash and Mohit started from point A towards point Q. Distance between A and Q is 9 km. If Mohit starts after 4 min., then he will meet Vikash 1 km away from point Q at a time when Vikash is returning towards point A after reaching point Q and Vikash can cover 1 km in 6 min. find speed of Mohit in km/min.
(a)  1/7
(b)  1/8
(c)  1/9
(d)  1/6
(e)  1/12

Q2. Satish started from point A in a boat to reach point B. After 6.5 hours he covered only 20% of the distance and reach at point M. Now, Satish started from point M reached at midpoint of A and B and came back to M in 29.25 hours. In what time Satish can cover the distance between B and A if he started from B?
(a) 58.5 hours
(b) 32.5 hours
(c) 65 hours
(d) 62.5 hours
(e) 40 hours

Q3. A pedestrian and a cyclist start simultaneously towards each other from Aurangabad and Paithan which are 40 km apart and meet 2 hours after the start. Then they resume their trips and the cyclist arrives at Aurangabad 7 hours 30 minutes earlier than the pedestrian arrives at Paithan. What of these could be the speed of the pedestrian?
(a) 4 km/hr
(b) 5 km/hr
(c) 3 km/hr
(d) 6 km/hr
(e) 7 km/hr

Q4. A bus (X) starts its journey from P to Q simultaneously another bus (Y) starts from Q to P they reach their respective destination after 3 hour. Bus X travel with a speed of 40 km/hr in first hour 50 km/hr in second hour and 60 km/hr in 3rd hour. Bus Y travel with a speed of 60 km/hr in first hour, 40 km/hr in second and 50 km/hr in last hour. Find out the distance between Q and the point where the buses cross each other.





Q5.       The ratio of speed of train P and train Q is 4 : 5. Train P crosses a pole in 6 sec while train Q crosses the same pole in 4 sec. If train P crosses a platform of length 480 m in 18 sec then in how much time train Q will cross the same platform?
(a) 16.3 sec
(b) 14.2 sec
(c) 13.6 sec
(d) 18 sec
(e) 16 sec

Q6.    When speed of a train is increased by 20 km/hr it can cover a distance 40 minutes earlier. If speed of train is decreased by 30 km/h it takes 70 minutes more to cover that distance. Find distance covered by train.
(a) 3000 km
(b) 2000 km
(c) 2085 km
(d) 2175 km
(e) 3850 km

Q7. Two trains of lengths 60 m and 80 m are running in the same direction with speed of 80  kmph and 64 kmph respectively. The time taken by them to cross each other is ?
(a) 36.5 sec
(b) 31.5 sec
(c) 30.5sec
(d) 28.5 sec
(e) 26.5sec

Q8.    A train ‘A’ having a length of 240 m can cross a tunnel having length 150% more than that of train A in 30 seconds. In how much time it can cross another train B whose length is 320 m and running in opposite direction to train A with a speed of 72 km/h?

Q9.    A train of length 180 meter cross a platform in 15 seconds with a speed of 60 km/h. A man crosses the same platform in 4 minute find the speed of man?
(a) 1.05 km/h
(b) 3 km/h
(c) 2.05 km/h
(d) 2.1 km/h
(e) 2 km/h

Q10.    Two trains A and B of length 400 m and (400 + x) m respectively are moving with same speed. If train A and B crosses a pole in 16 sec and 24 secs respectively then in what time train ‘B’ will cross 400 m long platform.
(a) 32 sec
(b) 40 sec
(c) 45 sec
(d) 54 sec
(e) 24 sec

Q11.    The speed of a boat in still water is 5 km/hr and speed of current is 3 km/hr. If time taken to cover a certain distance upstream is 8 hours, then how long will the boat take to cover the same distance downstream?
(a) 2.5 hrs.
(b) 3 hrs.
(c) 2 hrs.
(d) 3.5 hrs.
(e) 1.5 hrs.

Q12. Downstream speed of a boat is 5 km/hr more than its upstream speed and the speed of boat in still water is 280% more than the speed of sream. Find the total time taken by boat to travel 42 km in downstream and 31.5 km in upstream?
(a) 7 ½ hr
(b) 8 hr
(c) 9 hr
(d) 9 ½ hr
(e) 10 hr

Q13. Speed of stream of river is 20% of speed of boat in downstream and time taken to cover 48 km in upstream is 4 hr. and speed of boat in still water is equal to speed of train A which cross a standing man in 36 sec. Then find length of train A ?
(a) 220 m
(b) None of these
(c) 240 m
(d) 120 m
(e) 160 m

Q14. Find the speed of stream if a boat covers 36 km in downstream in 5 hours which is 3 hours less in covering the same distance in upstream.
(a) 1.35 km/hr
(b) 1.24 km/hr
(c) 1.15 km/hr
(d) 2.2 km/hr
(e) None of these

Q15. Time taken by boat to cover 164 km in upstream is 50% more than time taken by boat while returning. Find the time taken by man to cover 100 km in still water if speed of man is equal to speed of boat in still water and speed of stream is 10 km/hr?
(a) 4 hr
(b) 6 hr
(c) 5 hr
(d) 2 hr
(e) 3 hr

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