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RBI Grade B Job Profile 2023 Job Role For Officer In Grade B

RBI Grade B Job Profile 2023

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), known as the “Banker’s Bank,” is the apex bank in our country. The primary role of RBI is to regulate the Indian Banking System and control the supply of the Indian rupee. RBI plays a crucial role in shaping the financial landscape of the nation by maintaining price stability and fostering economic growth. Working at the RBI is often considered a coveted goal for many banking aspirants, owing to its attractive salary package, along with numerous perks and allowances. In this article, we have highlighted the RBI Grade B Job Profile.

RBI Grade B 2023 Notification

Job Role For Officer In Grade B

Every year, lakhs of aspirants apply for the RBI Grade B post but only a few of them knows about its job profile, therefore we have provided below the RBI Grade B job profile 2023 department-wise. There are mainly five departments.

A. Regulation Supervision & Enforcement

Department of Regulation, Department of Supervision and Enforcement Department:

  • In this department, newly appointed Grade B officers have to work related to policy formulation, onsite and offsite supervision, risk supervision, data analysis
  • Processing risk assessment reports, preparing and Issuing Show Cause Notices for enforceable violations

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B. Financial Markets & Foreign Exchange

Financial Markets Regulation Department:

  • Work related to market regulation and development, data analysis & research; preparation of oversight/surveillance report

Financial Markets Operation Department:

  • Work-related to financial market development, data analysis, etc.
  • Conduct of Open & Special Market operations; analysis of Liquidity Adjustment Facility( LAF), Marginal Standing Facility(MSF)
    Market Stabilisation Scheme (MSS), Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER) & Nominal Effective Exchange Rate (NEER) etc.

Foreign Exchange Department:

  • Examination of applications/requests for exchange transactions; Correspondence with Governments/Departments/Ministries; Preparing Policy notes on Regulations/Directions

Department of External Investments and Operations:

  • Handling day to day operations, data analysis, etc.
  •  Work related to IT infrastructure & Back office, preparation of reports/publications, etc.

Internal Debt Management Department :

  • Conducting auctions on behalf of Central and State Governments; work related to regulation of primary dealers; providing inputs for policymaking
  • Back-office work, preparation of reports/publications, etc.

C. Banking, Payments, Financial Inclusion & Currency Management

Financial Inclusion and Development Department:

  • Drafting/ revising Priority Sector Guidelines, preparing and implementing National Strategy for Financial Inclusion, Development of MSMEs.
  • Interaction with Governments/Industries/ Scheduled Commercial Banks, etc. Acting as Lead District Officer for Lead Bank Schemes in Regional offices

Department of Government and Bank Accounts :

  • Policy work related to opening of Current Accounts for Banks & Governments, Internal Accounting, Appointments/ performance of Agency Banks, etc.
  •  Work related to Weekly Statement of Accounts (WSA).

Department of Payment and Settlement Systems :

  • Policy formulation for regulation and supervision of regulated entities such as PPIs, Wallets, Payment Banks, etc.
  • Monitoring developments in the field of payments and settlements, including innovations, frauds, etc. Work related to oversight of SWIFT India, ensuring smooth operations of NEFT/RTGS/Cheques, etc

Department of Currency Management:

  • Work related to demand -supply analysis of currency in circulation, preparation of Weekly Statement of Accounts for issue Dept; monitoring/review of security and logistics for remittances
  • Acting as Custodian of Vaults in Issue Departments in Regional Offices, Managing sections such as Resource, Remittance, Accounts, etc.


D. Monetary Policy, Research & Financial Stability

Monetary Policy Department:

  • Providing technical inputs to the Monetary Policy Committee such as growth and inflation projections; preparing Monetary Policy Report (MPR); organizing pre policy consultations with stakeholders

Department of Statistics & Information Management:

  • Collecting, processing and analyzing granular financial data; conducting research and statistical studies; providing technical support

Department of Economic & Policy Research :

Research on macroeconomic issues and primary statistics and indicators; publishing various reports viz., the Annual Report and the Report on Trend and Progress of Banking in India; organizing Memorial Lectures, Conferences etc.

E. Governance, Human Resource, Support & Customer Service

Corporate Strategy & Budget Department:

Collation of responses for Budget Preparation; providing inputs for strategy framework; Business Continuity Planning, actuarial study of the Bank’s liabilities

Human Resource Management Department:

Evolving and Implementing policies on Recruitment, Placement, Promotions, Employee Wellness, Training & Development, Performance appraisal, Mobility, Wage structure and Welfare measures; maintaining HR database, etc.


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Is RBI Grade B 2023 Notification released?

Yes, RBI Grade B 2023 Notification has been released on 26 April 2023.

What is the job profile of the RBI Grade B Officer?

The Job profile of RBI Grade B Officer has been provided above in this article.

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