Reasoning Ability Quiz For ECGC PO 2021- 15th January

Directions (1-5): Study the information carefully and answer the questions given below.
Seven persons are going to attend an event on seven different days of the week (Starting from Monday to Sunday) and at seven different places i.e. Hampi, Ladakh, Agra, Nainital, Jaisalmer, Varanasi and Kerala but not necessary in same order.
Two persons go between B and the one who is going Agra. Not more than one person goes after F, who goes to Jaisalmer. Three persons go between F and B. The one who goes hampi goes after the one who goes Varanasi. The one who goes Ladakh does not go on Monday and Friday. More than two persons go between the one who goes Ladakh and E. C goes just after the one who goes Nainital. The one who goes Nainital does not go on Thursday. D goes on Monday and does not go at Varanasi and Nainital. G goes before A. B does not go at Nainital. A does not go Ladakh.

Q1. Who among the following goes on Wednesday?
(a) B
(b) G
(c) C
(d) A
(e) F

Q2. Who among the following goes at Agra?
(a) C
(b) A
(c) B
(d) D
(e) G

Q3. How many persons goes between G and E?
(a) One
(b) Three
(c) None
(d) Four
(e) Two

Q4. Which of the following combination is true?
(a) B-Kerala
(b) C-Agra
(c) F-Hampi
(d) G-Nainital
(e) None is true

Q5. Which of the following person goes on Saturday?
(a) A
(b) E
(c) F
(d) B
(e) None of these

Directions (6-8): Study the information carefully and answer the questions given below.
Point X is 4m west of point K. Point K is 10m north of point H. Point H is 2m north of point B. Point B is 4m south of point G. Point G is 6m east of point M. Point M is 9m west of point T.

Q6. What is the shortest distance between T and B?
(a) 5m
(b) 6m
(c) 3m
(d) 7m
(e) None of these

Q7. In which direction point X with respect to point B?
(a) South-west
(b) North-east
(c) North-west
(d) North
(e) None of these

Q8. If point O is 7m north of point M then in which direction point O with respect to point K?
(a) North-west
(b) North-east
(c) South-west
(d) South-east
(e) None of these

Directions (9-10): In these questions, relationship between different elements is shown in the statements. The statements are followed by conclusions. Study the conclusions based on the given statements and select the appropriate answer. Give answer-
(a) If only conclusion I is true
(b) If only conclusion II is true
(c) If both conclusions I and II are true.
(d) If either conclusion I or II is true
(e) If neither conclusion I nor II is true.


Directions (11-13): Study the information carefully and answer the questions given below.
Six persons in the family having six different age. P is older than Q. T is older than P. S is younger than R. P is third youngest person in the family. R is younger than V and older than S. T is not older than R. S is not the youngest person. The age of second oldest is 55years.

Q11. Who among the following person is older than T?
(a) P
(b) S
(c) V
(d) R
(e) Both (c) and (d)

Q12. How many persons are older than S?
(a) Three
(b) Four
(c) Five
(d) One
(e) None of these

Q13. If age of P is 50years than what may be the age of T?
(a) 51yr
(b) 45yr
(c) 57yr
(d) 62yr
(e) 47yr

Q14. How many such pairs of letters (Both forward and backward direction) are there in the word “Basketball”, each of which has as many alphabets between them as they have according to English alphabetical series?
(a) None
(b) One
(c) Two
(d) Three
(e) More than three

Q15. In a class, Mohit rank is 21st from the right and Aman’s rank is 21st from the left and Ankur sits second to the left of Mohit who is sitting on the immediate right of Aman, then how many students are there in the class?
(a) 45
(b) 39
(c) 42
(d) 44
(e) 46

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