Reasoning Quiz for IBPS RRB Mains 2020, 2nd October-Puzzle & Miscellaneous

Practice with these 15 questions of Reasoning Ability for IBPS RRB Prelims 2020 Exam. This IBPS RRB Prelims Reasoning Daily Mock covers the topic-Puzzle and Miscellaneous.

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions:
There are six employees of a company and all of them are working on six different designation of a company viz. CMD, MD, CEO, COO, SE, JE. All the designations given are to be considered in a given order (as CMD is considered as Senior-most and JE is considered as the Junior-most). All six employees like different types of music – Classical, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Rock, EDM. Only four persons are senior than B. The one who likes Folk is junior than only two persons. F does not hold lowermost post but junior to the one who likes EDM. CMD does not likes EDM. D is not junior to the one who likes Rock. E does not like Classical. C has lower post than CEO. Neither F nor A likes Blues. More than two persons are junior to the one who likes Blues. The one who likes Rock is not SE but senior to the one who likes Jazz. A is senior to the one who likes folk. C is junior to A but senior to the one who likes Jazz. Neither B nor C likes Jazz.

Q1. Who among the following person likes EDM music?
(a) B
(b) D
(c) A
(d) E
(e) None of these

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Q2. Who among the following is CEO of the company?
(a) The one who likes Classical music
(b) C
(c) E
(d) The one who likes Folk music
(e) None of these

Q3. CMD of the company likes which type of music?
(a) Classical
(b) Blues
(c) EDM
(d) Rock
(e) None of these

Q4. How many persons are senior to the one who likes Rock music?
(a) Three
(b) One
(c) Two
(d) More than three
(e) None

Q5. Which of the following statement is true about F?
(a) Only one person is senior to F
(b) F is CEO of the company
(c) Only two persons are junior to F
(d) F likes Rock music
(e) None is true

Q6. Statement: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched three mega flagship schemes aimed at transforming Urban India, including the much talked about Smart Cities proposal, with a whopping Rs. 4 lakh crore kitty having been lined up for the projects. He also unveiled logo of the housing mission, which has his personal touch in the finalization of its design.
Speaking at the event, Modi said, “the decision to make cities smart will be taken not by governments but by the people of the city, the local administration. Let there be competition between cities in development so that smart cities come up.”
Which of the following will be an effect of the initiative taken by the government?
(a) Ensuring water supply to each household, sewer connections, sanitation and solid waste management in rural and urban governance would be the focus under the scheme.
(b) Quality of life will improve in rural and urban areas.
(c) Provision of roads and public transportation beside implementation of reforms in urban governance would be the focus under the scheme.
(d) Millions of jobs will be created and scarcity of houses will be removed in urban and rural areas.
(e) All of the above.

Q7. Statement: By fixing a deadline of one year from the date of framing of charges for the completion of trial involving the members of parliament and legislative assemblies, the Supreme Court has once again intervened effectively to give some credibility to the idea of cleaning the polity. It gave a jolt to the political class by striking down a provision that protected sitting legislators from immediate disqualification on conviction.
Which of the following can be concluded from the above passage?
(a) To implement the guidelines, the government must set up more speedy trial courts, which will help them deliver justice in time.
(b) The steps taken by the apex court will help to choose the best people from their constituency and make the Indian democratic system free from criminalization.
(c) This will help in reducing the scourge of criminalization of politics.
(d) The latest order will help in addressing this problem by empowering the trial court to refuse routine adjournments.
(e) None of these

Direction (8-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
A person walked for 3km, then took a right turn and walked 5km, then a left turn and walked 4km. and again took a right turn and walked 6km. He then took three consecutive left turns and walked 7 km, 15km and 4 km respectively.

Q8. If the person is now facing west direction, then in which direction did he started walking initially?
(a) north
(b) west
(c) east
(d) south
(e) none of these

Q9. What is the shortest distance between the initial and final point of the person?
(a) √41
(b) √29
(c) 3 √43
(d) 2√29
(e) none of these

Q10. In which direction is the final point with respect to initial point?
(a) north east
(b) north west
(c) south east
(d) south west
(e) none of these

Directions (11-12): Study the following information and answer the given questions:
Each of six baskets P, Q, R, S, T, and U contains different no. of flowers. Basket S contains less number of flowers than only two baskets. Basket P contains more number of flowers than basket R but less than basket U. Basket R does not contain least number of flowers. Basket U contains less number of flowers than Basket Q. The basket which contain third lowest number of flowers contain 21 flowers.

Q11. If total number of flowers in Basket P and Q together is 113, then how many flowers does Q contain?
(a) 133
(b) 82
(c) 92
(d) 90
(e) None of these

Q12. Which of the following basket contains the third lowest number of flowers?
(a) R
(b) U
(c) T
(d) P
(e) S

Q13. Five persons namely P, Q, R, S and T are attending seminar in different days of the week, starting from Monday to Friday. Q attend seminar before Wednesday. R attend seminar after T. Two persons attend seminar between Q and S. P attends seminar immediate before S, but not attend on Wednesday.
Who among the following person attend seminar on Wednesday?
(a) P
(b) S
(d) Q
(e) R

Q14. Which of the following statement shows ‘Z<R’ and ‘M≥C’ holds definitely true?
(a) C≤Z=M≥K=R
(b) C=Z>B<R≥M
(c) R>M>A≥Z=C
(d) Z=K<C=R≤M
(e) None of these

Q15. In a Queue of 13 people W stands at 6th from the bottom. Only four people stand in between C and W. The number of people standing ahead C is same as that of the number of people standing behind L. C is not at last position in the queue. H stands immediately ahead L. How many people stand between H and W?
(a) One
(b) No-one
(c) Three
(d) Two
(e) None of these

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