The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- Days of disengagement| 8th July 2020

The Hindu Editorial Article of 8th July 2020-Days of disengagement.

Word Meaning
Disengagement (noun)
The action or process of withdrawing from involvement in an activity, situation, or group.
Seek (verb)
Attempt to find (something).
Escalate (verb)
Increase rapidly.
Hostility (noun)

Hostile behaviour; unfriendliness or opposition.
Convey (verb)
Transport or carry to a place.
Tranquility (noun)
The quality or state of being tranquil; calm.
Carry out (Phrasal Verb) To bring to a successful issue : complete
Reoccupy (verb)
Occupy (a place or position) again.
Pull back (phrasal verb )
Retreat or cause troops to retreat from an area.
Status quo ante (noun)
The previously existing state of affairs.
Mobilization (noun)
The action of making something movable or capable of movement.

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Article from- The Hindu Editorial
Casualty (noun)
A person killed or injured in a war or accident.
Build-up (noun)
A gradual accumulation or increase, typically of something negative that leads to a problem.
Countermeasure (noun)
An action taken to counteract a danger or threat.
Foreseeable (adjective)
Able to be foreseen or predicted.

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