World population day 2020 on 11 July

World Population Day:- Every Year World Population day is celebrated on 11th July. World Population Days help to increase the awareness about population issues like family planning, Gender Equality, Poverty, Maternal health, and human rights. The world population had reached 7.7 billion in the year 2019. the world population increases annually by 100 million approximately every 14 months. on world population day we focus on population issues.

When and Why World Population Day Established?

World Population Day this specific date was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989. an outgrowth of the interest generated by the Day of Five Billion, on 11th July 1987 world population reached 5 billion. On World Population Day, advisors from around the world are calling on to help make reproductive health and rights a reality for all.

The aim to remember this day is to increase awareness about reproductive health problems and safeguarding the health and rights of women. This is because a large number of pregnant women succumb to poor reproductive health, 800 women die every day during delivering the baby. Aware the people of the population related issues.

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Year Population
2019 7.7 Billion
7.5 Billion
Sixth Billion
5 Billion
The United Nations recognizes July 11 as World Population Day
Third Billion
1927 Second Billion
First Billion

The theme of World Population Day 2020

The theme this year World Population Day is based on safeguarding the health and rights of women and girls around the world especially during the time of COVID-19 pandemic. A recent UNFPA research highlighted that if the lockdown continues for 6 months, and there will be retardation to health services, then 47 million women in low and middle-income countries might not have got modern contraceptives. This would lead to 7 million unexpected pregnancies. Apart from this, it could see a rise in gender-based violence, crimes, and child marriages.

Objectives of the World Population Day

  • Demanding certain laws for protecting the rights of a girl child.
  • Educate the females about the laws that are in the constitution for female health and safety.
  • Educating people to remove gender stereotypes from their minds.
  • Aware people about sexually transmitted diseases and how they can be prevented by taking preventive measures.
  • To Give knowledge about the sexuality
  • Ensuring easy access to reproductive health care services to every people.

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World Population Day Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the current world population?

Ans:- Current population of the world is 7.7 Billion.

Q2. What is the Theme of 2020 World Population Day?

Ans:- The Theme of World Population Day 2020 is safeguarding the health and rights of women and girls.

Q3. When was World Population day established?

Ans:- World Population day was established in 1989.

Q4. What is the aim of World Population Day?

Ans:- The aim of World Population Day is to aware the People about population issues like family planning, Gender Equality, Poverty, Maternal health, and human rights.