Coronavirus Lockdown 2020: Time for Final Year Students to Revisit Career Goals

Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world economy hard, and many private companies are laying off employees which raises a question on job security in the private sector at times of need.

As of today, the Coronavirus lockdown in the country has been extended to May 3rd, 2020. And with this extension, educational institutions are also extending their holidays for students. It is due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic that students not just in India, but all around the world, are facing problems. It almost seems like their future careers have come to a standstill, with no clear solution in sight. 

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Coronavirus has, in a way, obliterated the expectations of students to work towards their goals. And the ones who are the worst affected in this scenario are the final year students, who have given their absolute best for a career that might not take the start that they had expected it would. 

The unprecedented global shutdown that has been brought by the spread of coronavirus has left many final year students in a state of turmoil, especially since these young minds were supposed to start their careers in the next few months. With their lives now on hold, these students should consider revisiting their overall career goals, keeping in mind the current state of the economy, different industries, as well as society. 

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With the industries suffering huge losses, in production, management as well as stocks and shares, it is needless to say that final year students, how have been aiming to get good jobs in different companies, are now under turmoil. Due to the failing shares, and the worldwide recession that is already in motion, many private companies, businesses and organisations will be incurring huge losses in this as well as the next financial year. And due to this, the entire hiring procedure will likely undergo a massive change. Furthermore, due to the losses, the basic wage cut will also be revised by the companies, for both old and new employees. 

In such a situation, private jobs are bound to become insecure, in addition to becoming unreliable. This is more so because no one knows how long the lockdown will actually last, or how long the country, in addition to the world as a whole, will take to get back up from this massive economic disaster. Moreover, it is essential to understand that even after the lockdown ends, the world will take a long time to start living normally, as it used to before the pandemic occurred. This is because the damage is profound, and moving past a calamity of this magnitude will take a lot of time, work and patience. 

This is where government jobs come in. As compared to private employment, government jobs are more secure, especially at this point. While these may provide the final year students with a comparatively lesser salary, they still have a lot more benefits than their counterparts. From T.A., D.A., rent and other allowances, government jobs also have paid leaves and better chances of promotion. 

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Government jobs can also offer final year students with unparalleled job security, which is the need of the hour, considering no one knows if private organisations will be hiring anymore or not. In addition to medical benefits, if final year students go for government jobs, they will also have fixed working hours and a decent number of holidays throughout the year, thereby offering them a chance to have an excellent work-life balance. 

Moreover, with the lockdown continuing in the country for some more days, it is the best time for final year students to choose from the many different categories of government jobs and start preparing for the same. From Banking and Insurance, Railways and Defence, to Teaching, Engineering and SSC, there are a lot of different government jobs available for final year students to choose, according to their career choice and specialisation. 

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In 2020, the Government of India will be conducting over 9000 different examinations for various posts throughout its varied organisations, which final year students can choose to apply. Owing to the difficult times we are in, it is best if students, who will soon be starting in different industries, revisit the diverse career goals they have and choose something better for themselves. If you are wondering how to start your preparation, then team Adda247 and our experts are there to help you, you can register with us through the link given below:

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