English Language Quiz for RBI Assistant/ IBPS PO Mains 2020- 1st November

Directions (1-5): In each of these questions, there are two blanks indicating that something has been omitted. There are five alternatives given. Choose the one that best fits the meaning of the sentence or sentences as a whole.

Q1. The Dalits have never had a _______ of freedom in the suffocating society. They are a wounded people _______ and broken.

(a)  glimpse, mitigated
(b)  sigh ,rejected
(c)  moment , appreciated
(d)  satisfaction , recognition
(e)  breath , battered

Q2.His vision could well be the ________ that the policy-makers use to _______ the banking sector.

(a)  roadmap , restructure
(b)  associate , shape
(c)  blueprint , planned
(d)  remedy , resuscitate
(e)  medicine , represent

Q3. A person’s formal educational background may _______ rich but complex information. To some degree education ________ a person’s knowledge and skill base.

(a)  reveal , restore
(b)  yield , indicates
(c)  exhibit , develop
(d)  cover , evolve
(e)  surmount ,. shows

Q4. The RBI in consultation with Government of India has _______ working group to suggest measures for ________ of weak public sector banks.

(a)  commissioned , appreciating
(b)  establish , accommodation
(c)  reshaped , join
(d)  constituted , revival
(e)  distributed , development

Q5.The textile industry in India has ________ rough weather in recent times. The Textile mill is one of the few companies to have ________ this storm.

(a)  damaged , empowered
(b)  managed , absorbed
(c)  protested , fought
(d)  withstood , Survived
(e)  venture , Managed

Directions (6-15): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Rabbits are among the most (6) of all animals. The rabbits of a colony, once had a (7) to discuss this (8) of theirs. They came to the (9) that as their timidity would never leave them, they were condemned to a miserable existence and it would be better to drown themselves and end their (10) once and for all. Accordingly, they began to move towards a large lake.

When the frogs in the lake saw a large number of rabbits (11) they were filled with (12) and made for the deepest part of the lake. Seeing this, the (13) of the rabbits stopped and said to his fellow- creatures: “It is true we are timid, but here are animals more timid than us. There is still some (14) for us. Let us all go back to our homes,” and the (15) of rabbits headed back to their colony.

(a) calm
(b) expensive
(c) generous
(d) timid
(e) skilled

(a) lecture
(b) assembly
(c) festival
(d) contest
(e) meeting

(a) gene
(b) trait
(c) virtue
(d) sentiment
(e) tradition

(a) finale
(b) point
(c) solution
(d) conclusion
(e) decision

(a) misery
(b) bad luck
(c) life
(d) species
(e)  torture

(a) retreating
(b) approaching
(c) swimming
(d) sulking
(e) Attending

(a) fear
(b) empathy
(c) gratitude
(d) glee
(e) sympathy

(a) army
(b) leader
(c) captains
(d) fellow
(e)   group

(a) refuge
(b) doubt
(c) solution
(d) hope
(e) ray

(a) manifold
(b) leader
(c) herd
(d) calmest
(e) multiple

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Sol. ‘breath, battered’ is the correct use.
Battered means injured by repeated blows or punishment.

Sol.‘roadmap, restructure’ is the correct use.
Roadmap means a plan or strategy intended to achieve a particular goal.
Restructure means organize differently.

Sol. ‘yield, indicates’ is the correct use.
Yield means produce or provide.
Indicate means point out.

Sol.‘constituted, revival’ is the correct use.
Constituted means be (a part) of a whole.
Revival means an improvement in the condition, strength, or fortunes of someone or something.

Sol. ‘withstood, Survived’ is the correct use.
Withstood means remain undamaged or unaffected by.
Survived means continue to live or exist.











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